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Step 1: Tune inferno in a way that it doesn't require you to have mega defense. Diablo is about customization, not stacking defense. IF someone wants to be defensive, fine... But it shouldn't be required.


We have already ultra-nerfed Inferno FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES into utter carebear mode.

Stop. Just stop.

I understand you want more items with flavor, but removing all the need for defense IS NOT THE ANSWER.

When all defense is gone, the game becomes a single variable equation - the time X for player Y to kill monster Z. Moving, dodging, tactical choice, hit and run, DPSing through with cooldowns, clickables, potions, AND flavor, yes, flavor, are all lost when you remove defense. The only statistic to measure your character is DPS.

Right now a defensive Monk with 50k DPS and a glass-cannon Wizard with 100k DPS actually deal about the same damage over time, and this is intentional. The Wizard has to kite, while the Monk can generally dish out damage reliably over time. There is a difference and a trade off.

Stop removing defense from the game. Insert whatever you want some other way.

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