Native Client Language - Errors 81, 82 and 84

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Hope this problem is fixed, it's just ridiculous.
Everybody should create support tickets. Let's make them care!
They don't react at support tickets either.
Come, let us go down and take away the sense of their language, so that they will not be able to make themselves clear to one another.

The Book of Genesis 11.7-8
Errors 81/82/84!!!! NO LANGUAGE RESTRICTION! this is ridiculous!
this is really really REALLY stupid.
Yeah yeah the dubbed version is not that bad, but cant you tell thats a big issue when you see people from other countries saying there is NO DUBBED VERSION IN THEIR COUNTRY??!!

I dont mind playing in regional servers but the language you want to play it should be an option not a restriction.

Ticket submited
Location: Brazil

1) Global version in PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese)
2) Physical version

Waiting for EN language
REquest Sticky
Why does Blizzard sell limited-language versions of the game?
Because of countries excluded from globalisation :
China, Russia, Brasil ...
Its not limited, it was working perfectly in english since today.
so thats it ? we wont have blizzard's answer anymore ? they will just keep the silence and do nothing for us , i wont buy blizzard product anymore.

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