Poll: Which resistance are you stacking?

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Hey, I'm a Wizard but leveling a Monk. Why don't you guys just stack All Resist?
Lightning... the OWE passive makes gearing so tedious :(
Physical Resistance.
07/31/2012 03:14 PMPosted by ATLSmith
Hey, I'm a Wizard but leveling a Monk. Why don't you guys just stack All Resist?

We stack because there's a passive skill called One With Everything that makes all resists equal to your highest resist, and All Resist stacks on top of your highest resist.

I stack Poison.

Haven't had the toughest time, but I'm currently farming A1 Inferno to build up gold for better gear. Stepped into A2 for a few quests, got tired of having having my a$s handed to me, so I decided to farm for a while.
Previously: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5589540372?page=20#396

Current total up to this post

Arcane: 75
Fire: 69
Cold: 91
Physical: 57
Poison: 70
Lightning: 45
All: 1
Don't use OWE: 2

Might have missed out some All/None guys earlier, but I revisited this thread because it came up as a topic in another thread.

Also to note, some of you guys might have already switched from stacking one resist to another by now.
Poison here
can't afford to stack all resist..
for example.. gloves with 70+AR normally costs twice or even 3 times as much as the gloves that has 30AR, 30Poison, with some 50+Int to go with it even...

Glad to see this is not the highest one. It would make scene to stack fire before any of the other in case you do end up taking off OWE you still would have great resist against all the fire mobs.
Lightning, though I regret not going Fire...

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