Destroying Inferno

Demon Hunter!aYe!YccZcY

this is what i use

This guy basically has it right. I prefer the bat over marked for death.
05/31/2012 10:19 AMPosted by Deáthless
Why so much hate and discontent towards an honest player trying to help out people...?

Because we're DH's. We feed on hatred.
It's not universally true, but it's true in general. For a single target, Rapid Fire will do more damage than NT if NT only hits once, but most mobs which are low get hit 2 times by NT, if not 3 times, depending in part on the angle you fire at.

This gives NT a higher damage / second, and damage per hatred than any other skill.

Thanks for the helpful post. I've looked up more details on Hungering and Nether and understand the reason they do more DPS is because they have a chance of hitting multiple times (that is likely a bug that will be fixed at some point).

I'm hardly ever on these forums due to me usually spending too much time playing the game, and tiring of all the nonsense on the blizzard forums. The only reason I'm here now is because the servers are down. x) Thanks for introducing me to the OP-ness of Hungering and Nether... I will try those out the next time I play.!aYe!YccZcY

this is what i use

This guy basically has it right. I prefer the bat over marked for death.

about half the time i use the bat and 80% speed on chops

(edit) i woke up like 15 min ago and i just remembered why i changed to mark. i got a bow (not xbow) and my speed is up past 2.50. so its like 7.5 hps standing still. bats probly still better while kiting.!aYe!YccZcY

this is what i use

This guy basically has it right. I prefer the bat over marked for death.

Pretty much the same build I'm using except I'm using Hooked Spines on Caltrops instead. The 80% snare makes a considerable difference on everything but fast packs and elites. I'm duo'ing with a Wizard and we're mowing through Act 3 pretty easily as long as we're careful about kiting and not getting hit.

The build is great, but having more resists and HP would be fantastic, right now I'm only sitting at about 20-22k HP and my lowest resist is 180, highest 220... I get 1-2 shot when I do get hit, but most of these abilities are more about avoidance than mitigation so it doesn't happen too often.

Having a nice dmg weapon helps a lot. Right now I have a 960 crossbow and without SS I'm at around 25-26k dmg, and around 43-44k with SS... I know SS inflates the dmg a bit when sitting at 100% crit, but it's somewhere in between those two numbers because that crit shoots up pretty quickly in between my slow Nether !@#$%^ Tentacles and I usually get ~2 hits on mobs when they're slowed which both crit.

Really enjoying this build over my poor Barbarian.
You are right, I didn't understand it's power until I tried it today, I have no switched to this except I traded ur companion slot out for evasive fire still... so I have two hate generators and the one elemental arrow w/ nether tentacles, I used both of those skills at very lower levels and didn't like them at all but I'm a believe in them now. Thanks for all the good feedback on the other good different builds out there.
When I initially saw this build I thought it was junk as well; but after trying it out for an hour, it kind of... works! I wouldn't say it's one of the better builds but it definitely doesn't fail per se. The only weak point I feel is Rapid Fire, which can probably be replaced with something better.

I especially appreciate how Evasive and Chakram hits through walls and obstacles.
It would appear A2 >> A1, and as far as I can tell viable builds for A2+ will be similar to the A1 with more mitigation. "Destroying A1 Inferno" is a breeze with this build:!feb!YcZbYc

My computer has a hard time with me stutterstepping effectively so are you guys saying A2+ is going to be quite a bit harder if this is already difficult to do? A1 is really easy with tents, SS+prep, and aoe stun.

Build I posted also only really uses 2 passives, the vengeance could be replaced with a number of others. Pretty sure it's a "cookie cutter" DH build but I haven't read forums before today, so no comment.

Right now I am making VERY slow progress in A2, ive been mixing builds up a bit (put caltrops w/ immobile in for SP+gloom), have yet to find a hatred generator that is better than hungering w/ devour for dmg, plus you can shoot around corners. Tents seem to be boss when chokepoints are used appropriately, especially with caltrops.

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