Bug: Barbarian - War Cry - Veteran's Warning

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Bug: Barbarian - War Cry - Veteran's Warning

Veteran's Warning tooltip says "War Cry also grants a 15% bonus to dodge chance."

When using this skill though, it only ever buffs my dodge chance by ~13% or so. It never ever reaches the full 15% it claims to give.

This evidence is supported purely by the in-game stats window through the inventory.. I was checking my dodge %, at a solid 10%. When using the skill, I went up to 23%, instead of 25. Once it said 22%, not sure how that works.

I tested it under further conditions, changing gear and eventually standing naked with no abilities (meaning no dodge) and still only acquired up to 13% dodge when buffed.
I can confirm this is the case for me as well, not the full 15%.

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