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Playing D3 with my girlfriend. We're both level 16 and just started Act 2. We're both struggling and doing a lot of dying. At one point I clicked on her loot or dead body or whatever it was, and a blue status bar came up over my head, just like when you're identifying a gold item. Well, she has now lost all of her equipment and is claiming that I stole it. It's it much more likely that she died so many times without returning to camp to get her equipment repaired, that it went down to durability 0 and disappeared? I don't have her stuff in my inventory. What gives?
You can resurrect them so they can rejoin the battle.
You have NO access to any of their items.
Clicking on dead people can revive them.
You can rez fallen team-mates buy clicking on the "grave/cross" above their body.
When you click the flag of someone that died, it gives them the option to revive right there instead of the last check point.

The game could use a tooltip/info regarding that I guess, wouldnt be a difficult thing to implement.
Sounds like her gear is broken. Needs to visit any merchant and use the Repair option
touching dead bodies is gross....you're gross...
lol. Sorry OP but your post is hilarious. Sounds like your GF has some trust issues if she thinks you stole her lvl 16 gear :p
but the person being revived needs to Accept the revival or start at the latest checkpoint.

I dont belive its possible to lose the gear in anyway. that is against blizzard pronciples of fun.
Ask her if she has a little red man icon in the upper right of her screen.

I hate that guy, he always steals my stuff.
Ask her if she has a little red man icon in the upper right of her screen.

I hate that guy, he always steals my stuff.
He always steals my stuff at the worst times, too.

Like when my teammates are screaming at me to zerg the Elites so their health doesn't reset.
Don't think I can post pics here...


We're both in our 40's, just so you know. At this point, she's sworn off Diablo 3. Losing all of her equipment was too traumatic for her, even though it's probably not gone at all. Just needs repair. She'll lighten up once she gets some weed in her.

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