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I have a level 33 WD in act 1 nightmare and am trying to find a skill set up that works well. I have kind of just been breezing through everything with firebat but I think that soon that won't be viable. Can some experienced WDs give me some tips on what skills are your staple at high level?
If you're not using Soul Harvest, I highly recommend it. Also, equip the max DPS weapon you can find on the AH for every 5 levels you gain.

I use Firebomb with Flash Fire and I mow through mobs like butter. I'll Spirit walk into the middle of a group, SH (always try to max at 5), run back out, and Flash Fire the hell out of them. My garg, dogs, and Templar create the perfect wall to hide behind.

I was able to make it to Hell Act 2 with relative ease using this build. Sadly, I died due to my own stupidity. Currently working back up to 60 using the exact same build and loving every minute of it!

I also was reading through some bliz posts and one had mentioned that they are considering making minions more survivable on the higher difficulties. I think they do a decent job now but I won't complain if they get better!
A lot of what Abattoir said is right, but personally, Zombie Chargers rock my world. I used the Undeath Rune until I got the Zombie Bears rune. Zombie Bears wreck everything.
I'm lvl 48 act 2 nightmare right now. I don't have pets, except a mass confusion rune that turns enemies killed during confusion into zombie dogs. After which I have zombie dogs with the benefit of keeping confusion in a slot. Spirit walk is essential, but instead of jaunt I have honored guest which recovers a bunch of mana which is important because after locus swarm(which RULES). If I'm playing solo locus swarm kills most ordinary mobs without any other help. I grasp 80% slow them, locus swarm, which spreads to all of them, then I firebat(life steal) them to death. For stronger mobs, or in a group, when the enemies have a lot of Hp I run out of mana, and so jog around a little bit until spirit walk(with 30% mana regen) comes back and then I blast them again.

Because of WD mana issues you MUST have good gear. I've always kept my hp rather high compared to others I run into in groups, and you have to have the best weapon you can buy because every bit of mana has to count. Thats the no pets build at least. I think its pretty fun and I'm rarely taken to half my hp even without a pet. I do locus swarm with the mana rebate, grasp of dead with 80% slow, spirit walk with mana regen, mass confusion with zombie dog devolution, (undecided on primary), and vampire bats on secondary.

I crush solo but I usually run in groups for fear of the random lag spikes.
Spirit walk is required. It will save you so hard if you ever accidentally get in over your head. It will rarely happen if you regularly update gear and have high vit, but act III and IV can get really scary. Spirit Vessel is required for the same reason.

The rest is really up to preference. I got to level 40 using leaping spiders because they're super safe and can abuse LOS. Then I switched to splinters for the DPS. if you're not going to use bats then invest in AS on jewelry/gloves, a little of it goes a REALLY long way. It may be a good idea to bring one AOE for big crowds. Fetish army is nice, w/ ambush rune and spirit walk you WILL escape everything, period. horrify, grasp, mass confuse, gargantuan, wall, soul harvest... they're all good and up to your preference.

I personally am using an eccentric build based around zombie dogs + burning dogs rune in hell act II, but wouldn't recommend it for everyone.

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