"Wirts Original Leg"

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Got this dropped when i first started playing... hung onto it just wondering if its worth anything or if its just a novelty item

3-6 dmg
6% Magic find
7% Gold find
6% movement speed

Novelty item...I want.
ill take it for 20000
50k for it
c/o 250k...
WHat is it? A weapon, boot(s), or off hand? The +6% movement speed could be interesting combo if its not a boot.
its a one handed weapon.
It's a 1 handed blue weapon that drops in the Den of the Fallen Level 2. Rather easy to get to but the den is not so common (but not -too- uncommon).

Once inside, make your way to the bottom level and you are looking for a skeletal remains of Bishibosh:

(EDIT: Posting images obv. doesn't work, but heres a link to imageshack)

Clicking on this item will make the object drop:



I -think- (85%) sure the trick to this, and why people are not seeing it, is because the body on the bottom floor will show as a "fallen shamans remains" until ALL creatures in the den are killed, which it then changes names to "Bishibosh's Remains" (Nice one blizzard, if it's true). [double checked and it's not a 100% chance, so this trick is not actually the case, and i just thought i saw the name change. So just a low-med chance of getting the dungeon then a low chance of getting Bishibosh's remains to spawn at the bottom]
i have a wirt's original leg as well

it has

10% gold find
9% magic
6% move speed.

willing to part with it just add me in game and send me a message when you see me and tell me your offer
this is too cool, i cant believe ive never come across this.
YA in all the runs I've done I've only come across it one time and I held onto it. I think It's a norm only Drop BTW.
I have one as well that I want to sell, how much should I put it on the AH for?

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