25% movement speed?

I've got boots with 12%, but I'm trying to get up to 25% as I've read that makes life a whole lot easier in Inferno. Where else can I get this movement speed? (I'm assuming it has to be a legendary?)
Lacuni prowlers, innas glory, or tyraels might.
lacuni prowlers - bracers

Hammer jammers - pants

Unity - ring

Inna's glory - pants (IAS broken)
I've been looking for the last week. If anything, this post probably hurt you, as movement speed items other then boots are already stupid expensive on the AH. Just start gold farming until you have at least 3-4 mill, then you can get your 25% movement speed. Welcome to the club.
If you don't care about your stats as much, you can easily buy Hammer Jammers, Slave Bonds, Unity, etc... the low level movespeed stuff for like 250k.

I think movespeed > every other stat, so I did it and don't regret it at all. Dead wizards deal 0 dps.
You can get some nice stat hammer jammers with 2 sockets, VIT, and INT if you keep an eye out. That really would NOT gimp your stats too bad with 2 large gems.
Wow, is 25% move speed really worth the sacrifice to damage I'd take?
yes, I have a 72INT + socket Murlocket (amulet), Slave Bonds with Int and Vitality, + Natalyas Boots

25% movement speed, still achieve 47k dps and 32k hp with 320resist to all.. farmed act 3 last night 4 bosses with 5 stacks of valor each.
I was able to bid on a pair of Hammers Jammers this morning for 470k that had 2 sockets, 130 vit, and +7% movement speed. I think I got a pretty good deal.

I am now at 19%, need 6% more. I think the whole game experience is better when you can move faster.
But how different is gameplay with 19% movement speed compared to 25% speed? As in -- why stack to 25 instead of just 19?
06/05/2012 04:10 PMPosted by SuperMandrew
But how different is gameplay with 19% movement speed compared to 25% speed? As in -- why stack to 25 instead of just 19?

If you can't notice a 6-7% difference in speed, then why not just go with 12% over 19%?

If that's true, why not 6-7% over 12%?

If that's true, then why not 0%?

It's because 25% is noticeably better than 19% to me.
is there a cap(question)

i imagine that since everyone is talking 25%, that must be the max u can get
06/22/2012 01:43 AMPosted by Longhorns
Yes, max movement speed is currently set at 25%.

Is there really a hard cap? When I was moving in a big bad voodoo field, my movement speed went up to 38%
I used to be an adventurer like you with 25% MS, but then I took an arrow to the knee and my MS dropped to 12% but I did not really care since I switched to wormhole teleport.

~19-25% yes, it is noticeable
~12-19% yes, it is noticeable
Worth sacrificing your dps/defense for? I will loose a ton of damage if I switch to movement speed so, no, not for me. If you don`t loose much and you can get MS items cheap, then sure, why not try it out?

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