All my characters in Diablo 3 are gone?

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I started in Americas, I am in Americas and I ran every class up to lvl 7 to try them all out. On 6-1-12 I logged in and my characters were all gone. I was able to undelete one character, but the rest are gone. Blizzard wants to hold my characters on their server, ok, but that doesn't mean to delete all my work for no reason. Where are my characters? Bring them back or give me my money back.
Sometimes the game will switch regions on you. The first step is to check your Options and determine if you are still in the proper region. If that does not work then you will need to follow the account compromise steps here.
thank ou this helped:)
Thank you, MissCheetah. This happened to me too, and I freaked out. Your tip about checking which region worked. Server had put me into a Europe :)
misscheetah your my new god! i was so affraid but it works :D
I had two high level characters and stopped playing for about a month and when i started it up 2 days ago both characters and all my stuff was gone!! I have checked all the regions and they go strait to the create a character page. i have created a ticket, and all they said was to make sure I logged into the right account. ( I only have ONE account to log into!!). Any ideas would be great!!.
You have lots of characters on the America's account... I see nothing wrong here.
I have the same problem as killergoose.
I can see my characters online on this web page but when ever I log into Diabl3 they are just not there.
I was in Reaper of Souls thus not displaying my Character.
My characters are missing as well. I'm 99% sure I was playing on Americas and I'm currently logged into the The Americas server. I beat Diablo on Inferno mode wayyyyyy back and stopped playing. I know for a fact that I HAVE a 60 DH. Pretty sure I had a medium level Monk too.
I have seen a few reports of missing characters over the past week. I can't personally check accounts though. Most of the time it is one of the following:

-Player is logging in to the wrong Region. In the new launcher you change it from the drop down over the play button. Make sure you are not trying to log in to the PTR or Beta which are closed.
-Player has more than one account and is logging in to the wrong one
-Player was compromised and the account stripped.

The last possibility is a display bug. Normally we can check that by checking profiles (switch the first two letters from us to eu to kr to tk) Profiles are a bit bugged right now though.

If you can't find the chars after checking everything ask Blizzard to look into it. I would use Live Chat when they are open (Americas is 10am - 6pm PDT although live chat may be open a couple hours earlier and later). They can look at your account and help find out what happened.

D3> I have an issue managing my account > My issue is not listed here. This shortcut will show Live chat as blue when it is open

If they tell you there is proof of a compromise then use this link here to request an account rollback but be sure to review the terms and conditions on that first!
i have the same problem..i try everything but nothing its worked..i want to play reaper of souls with my char and i cant..i can see him in to web site but i can't into a region is correct..
plzzz fix this
Hey, Checked both servers, all characters gone except one called ffff??...??

I see what you are talking about in your Profile. Either you had a wild night and forgot you deleted them, or someone else did. Compromises are very very rare now in D3 because everything is account bound. The hackers can't get any profit off of it, other than using it to spam chat. Your options are to either use the un-delete feature in game to delete the most recently removed hero, or try an Account Rollback.

If you think you made a mistake, use the Rollback feature. It has some pretty serious limits and uses a snapshot of your account that can be up to a few days old. It is better than nothing though. Read carefully!!! Once you read that, it has a button that takes you to the automated system for rollbacks.

If you think a hacker did this or that someone else has access to your account then go through this checklist to clean your PC and lock down your account. Once done, do the rollback.

    1. Download, install, and update Malwarebytes (free version is fine). Boot into safe mode and run a FULL (not quick version) scan with the game up and gibberish in the login fields. Some malware only activates under those conditions.
    2. When that scan is done, run a FULL virus scan with an updated virus scanner. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and decent these days. Some folks here also like Avast. Better than Nortons, MacAffee, etc.
    3a. From a PC you know to be free of malware, change your email password because hackers often get into that too. Ensure they did not set up forwarding on it to cause you to miss Blizzard notifications.
    3b. Change your password again now that the PC is clean.
    4. Create a new email that you use ONLY for and switch to it. Gmail is great because you can put two factor authentication on it and prevent hackers from logging in. If there is a strange logging attempt it locks your account and sends a code to your phone. A private email also prevents phishing email attempts!
    5. Get an Authenticator!!!! The mobile device version is FREE. The Be sure to write down your Serial number and Restore code so that you can re-install your exact app if you change phones or do a software reset.
    6. Consider SMS Protect - this is not an Authenticator, but is a messaging service that lets you know about account changes and prevents some of them, such as an unauthorized email change.
    7. Update Windows, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java, Browser, and any antivirus/antimalware software. Keep those updated from now on to avoid security exploits.

If you want to talk to Blizzard about it before taking my advice, feel free, but there are no GMs for D3 and they can't restore accounts like they can in WoW. All they can do is use the rollback for you, but maybe they can tell you what happened to your account. They have access to the login records. Use Live Chat after they open up @ 9am Pacific Time (about 15 minutes)
What do I do as an Xbox player with this issue? I tried viewing my account on here while logged in on my Xbox and it continued to say I need to log in on my Diablo 3 first, I don't have it on pc and can't get it on pc so I'm limited on options
And it's really bizzare because one of my characters, my lowest level, was still there. I tried force region, I tried restarting, I tried checking for updates but all have been fruitless tasks
The website here only shows your profile for the PC version of Diablo 3. You will never see your Xbox profile on the web site.

If you have issues with your Console that is not something Blizzard can help with. You would have to discuss your issue with your game save with the Console maker. Hopefully your chars are still there on the actual console system!
I have screenshots of my characters before I upgraded Win 8.1 to 10, wasn't playing D3 for a week or so, however it doesn't make sense upgrading OS would affect my account.

I even tried creating "new character" in order to retrieve info from Blizz servers but even that didn't help. I tried using rollback feature and it says that there aren't any snapshots. I double checked that correct region is selected, as on client and website too, tried even creating several characters just to retrieve anything but it just backfired. There are none of my characters on selection screen.

My profile:

Any help would be appreciated.
Hey Darkbones,

I would make sure you logged into the same region you were inprior to upgrading to Windows 10. In this case it looks like you have been logging into Americas when your characters are on the Europe server. Just change the drop down next to the play button to Europe and you should be good.

@HeliosStasis - I would make sure you logged in with the same Xbox Live account you had previously. If they are not there it is not something we can assist with as this is all saved on the Xbox cloud.

Additionally I am going to be locking this thread as it is quite old. Please do not necro old posts but if you continue to have issues please feel free to open a new thread.

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