Diablo 3 Launcher won't start...

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This has to be my worst prog/game ever run on my Mac, dunno if it will ever play or if i'm able to start it again. Launcher problems also at the moment. Never experienced anything like this with full paid game. Whata piece of *@''' and waste of money, not recommended.

Maybe just temp launcher prob, but whatever. Blizzard are u serious?
Can anyone here help me? I've been gone for 4 weeks and i came back today. I turned on D3 but an error pooped out saying my 64-bit Windows is not compatible with it and that i need to get a new one. I don't know what i am supposed to do becouse i've been playing it for 3 months and this never happened!?
Really... maybe blizzard has server problems, but come on. All you lazy engineers and programmers on holiday or smthng. I should be able to kill monsters even if u guys r sleeping

really? bathing in all the money you have collected? i give you 24h to fix this
full manual delete all folders and re-install seems to make it work for me....not sure yet if it really works... seems like it's no network problem, but i bet you might have lot more headache with Windows operating system.

anyway i think this is my top1 worst application. very unfinished even they used like 10 years making of this game. Bad updates, etc. If you have recently updated, it might be your launcher just jams. You might have to dig your windows deep to make it work.

regards: IT / auto engineer
If you are on a Mac just try these, start the loader and when he ask for your password on the mac window hit cancel, after that the loader starts normally. If you type your password in the mac window the loader stay freeze. See if this works.
"Failed to download information about the next patch. Check your network connection."


did a tracert, and yeah failed on their end, something's up and it's BS.
i think its not network/BS prob, but they have really messed up something with launcher/log-in system. Recent updates might have made it worse or not launch.

My game works, but I'm sure many of you might not be able to start game without screwing/fixing/spending too much time.

dunno, might be several light BS/network problems atm. Still i think this company should have been able to deal/or at least inform these issues currently ongoing, and someone hasn't been doing their job.

And with these probs, i think many clients won't be able to start game without manual fixing. Blizzard u r losing customers. With resources you have... i give you permission delete all my posts, i wish you make good games in the future, but now you have really messed up with this classic.
Has any one had the problem of the game launching but soon as it gets to the Initializing Screen it just sits there for hours?? and the play button just stays grey??
try disable explorer.exe process in win task menager
if it stays in "initializing stage" don't expect it starting ever, ever. Even if it looks like internet connection problem, you might have to re-install whole game and before it delete all related folders in your computer. Your character is saved, unless Blizzard has somehow managed to mess that one up too.
i doubt they can fix this with just automatic update, most of you having this near same launcher problems won't be able to start this game without trying to re-install, and that doesn't always solve it. i hope you don't have to re-install windows too.

its sunday, and maybe some of the game-prog people has good benefits and they don't have to work until monday. Still think these people can't fix this just with programmiing, and siting and thinking their brains out, they should try connect every client directly.

unless you give extra permission to update program to make changes (not recommended, keep you virus/firewall soft updated and ready) to you computer this game might not never start
if u are stuck to no other option then reinstall .. well god luck with it .. :S
u will prolly end up with issue of launcher not starting at al in which case u should check problems report here with few solutions
but now its Important Blizz got their profits high right ?
agreed Locust, never seen anything like this with comp games... I don't usually write forums or complain stuff, but this... which... hope someone in the company reads these
u think they care eh
Mists of pandaria come in late september.. more money their way
SC2 heart od swarm is to hit market somewhere round xmass....
u think they rly care about issues with Diablo 3 ?
seems like moderators are online at least., LOL...

I don't wanna be troll or cause too much trouble. But really this launcher problem might be p** in the !@# for too many players, hope anything of these messages helps solve probs: just try to find and delete all Blizzard related folders, install game and see if it helps. edit: not just normal Windows delete or remove program stuff... you realy have to delete all files manually.

Maybe it helps or not, but during my young years... this has caused lot more trouble than any other mac/win prog
I just got the installer to work.

I'm on a mac this is what I did:

1st: I restarted my computer and opened up nothing else except the D3 updater.
2nd: When it prompted me to enter my admin password I clicked cancel.
3rd: I waited about 30 seconds and it started the patch download it's only around 20MB so it
didn't take long to dl.

Once it installed I was up and running and playing the game. Good luck and I hope this helps for those that don't want to uninstall and reinstall.
System: MacMini OSX 10.7.4
Problem: Launcher won't initialize.

Solution: I ran the Diablo III Setup application found here: Applications > Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer > Diablo III Setup

It checked for updates and actually initialized correctly. I can launch and play the game now.

Hope this helps someone else. Cheers.

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