How to fix an NTDLL.DLL error

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If your seeing something like this

•"STOP: 0xC0000221 unknown hard error C:\Winnt\System32\Ntdll.dll"
•"STOP: C0000221 unknown hard error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll"
•"AppName: [PROGRAM NAME] ModName: ntdll.dll"
•"[PROGRAM NAME] caused a fault in module NTDLL.DLL at [ANY ADDRESS]"
•"Crash caused in ntdll.dll!"
•"NTDLL.DLL Error!"
•"Unhandled exception at [ANY ADDRESS] (NTDLL.DLL)"


Try these steps untill you find a solution

1.Restart your computer. The ntdll.dll error you're receiving could be due to a one-time, temporary issue and a simple reboot may resolve the problem completely.

Option 2 should be a last resort

2.Reinstall Diablo 3 if the ntdll.dll error only displays when you use a specific program.

Note: Third party software programs that have been installed on your computer are almost always the cause of ntdll.dll errors. The remainder of these troubleshooting steps resolve ntdll.dll issues only rarely.

3.Check the Windows service pack level you're running and then check Microsoft's support site to see if there is a more recent service pack available for installation. Some issues that caused ntdll.dll errors have been corrected in these service packs from Microsoft.

Note: This could be casued from INTERNET EXPLORER effecting D3

4.Selectively disable Internet Explorer add-ons. If your ntdll.dll error is displaying when you start, run, or close Internet Explorer, an add-on may be causing the problem. Disabling each add-on, one by one, will determine which add-on is the culprit (if any).

Note: As a workaround, assuming the ntdll.dll error really is Internet Explorer related, install and use a competing browser like Firefox, and set it as your default browser OR reinstall -update Internet explorer.

5.Rename the NLSPATH system variable. If your Windows system does not have this environment variable, skip this step.

Note: This is a troubleshooting step for this issue only. Be sure to set this path back to its original name if this does not resolve the ntdll.dll issue.

6.Disable Data Execution Prevention for Explorer.exe. As in the previous step, this is for troubleshooting the ntdll.dll issue only. If this doesn't resolve the problem, return the Data Execution Prevention settings to their previous settings.

7.Update drivers for any hardware in your computer where updated drivers are available. Outdated drivers sometimes cause ntdll.dll errors.



8.Test your memory for damage. If you're receiving ntdll.dll messages, one possible cause could be a bad memory module in your system. Testing your memory will either identify a problem or clear your RAM of any responsibility.

Replace your memory if it fails any of your tests.

9.Ntdll.dll errors could occur if you have an Iomega Zip drive on the same IDE cable as the hard drive inside your computer. If so, move the Zip drive to a dedicated IDE controller.

10.Replace the IDE cable connecting the hard drive to the motherboard. If this cable is damaged or malfunctioning, one symptom could be the ntdll.dll error you're seeing.

11.Repair your installation of Windows. If individual software reinstallations fail to resolve the problem, a repair installation of Windows will replace the ntdll.dll file.

12.Perform a clean installation of Windows. A clean installation will completely remove Windows from your PC and install it again from scratch. I don't recommend this option unless you've exhausted all previous troubleshooting ideas and you're comfortable that the ntdll.dll error is not caused by a single program (Step #2).

Note: If a single program or plugin is causing the ntdll.dll error, reinstalling Windows and then reinstalling all of the same software may lead you right back to the same ntdll.dll error.

13.While extremely rare, if everything else has failed, including the clean installation from the last step, you could be dealing with a hardware issue with your hard drive. If so, replace the hard drive and then perform a new installation of Windows.
All that being said, i just resolved that issue but i'm having another one it's saying diablo 3 is already running then just retarting the loader...

Not sure why it's saying initalizing and everything is up to date. Does anyone have a direct download link to a blizzard updater ?
Apparently if you change your language settings to something other than english it will download an update for the language pack on the game its self and auto update to the latest patch this seems to work and resolve the issue and is a walk around for the ntdll error.
i got the same problem, but i havent solved it yet, i tryed to replace ntdll.dll from my HTPC but it dident worked.
I cant believe I paid $60 just to do this...
Ill wait it out, not sure if still some server problem. Reinstalling and tinkering with my OS sounds a bit too extreme.
@ corestorm dude thnx for this solution it works ur a god today in my eyes :D
sure can be Hardware problem, but why in hell did i get the problem now and not before the patch?
iam not going to reinstall my OS for playing D3.. dont have any problems with ntdll.dll, i still say its a Blizz problem after i replaced ntdll.dll with a new fresh one.
Diablo 3 is the problem !! solve it !! don`t say : REINSTALL WINDOWS !!
And this problem came whit diablo 3 patch, not with windows.
I play a lot of games, and only have this problem with diablo 3 !!
I changed my language, let the download complete and tried to play in the second language and had the same error. Switching back to English and problem persists. Changing location to Europe and get in fine, so assuming it is a local bnet authentication problem and nothing to do with my local install.
It really worked thx man!!!!!
Just as another tip. Before reinstalling windows you can use the SFC tool to repair damaged and corrupted system files. This is also considered a "dire repair" step as it can irrevocably nuke a windows install, unless you know how to do a command console recovery to fix it.

You will need your windows CD or repair/recovery CD for this.

To use it, drop into a command prompt by typing:
cmd via run
then type
sfc /scannow
i'm having the exact problem. please help.
I solved my problem. Well I didnt solve it, it just kind of happened.

I got the ntdll.dll error for sometime. Wasnt able to play for about a week or so. The other day i uninstalled and reinstalled, and I thought that would fix it. It didnt.

This morning while looking up something related to the ntdll.dll, i found this post by blizzard.

In summary, that means, whichever installer you used to install the game (there are different regions), then you'd have to wait for that regions patch to go live before you can play again. For me, I have some weird setting where my computer thinks Im from GB, and it always downloads the UK version of things. And i had the diablo3_GB installer.

I googled up when the european patch goes live, and earlier this morning, the patch went live.

I was able to update and play.

you can try uninstalling third-party programs, which can cause the error.
eg a friend uninstalled anti-virus and the problem was solved. or try to install the service pack from windows.

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