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Can we please find a solution to the random disconnects removing people from games? Maybe store our games-in-session for 5 minutes or until we manually change the quest?

This is a huge annoyance, particularly for those who prefer solo play. For instance, I just spent an hour clearing Inferno-difficulty Tower of the Damned Level 2 and was within sight of the Heart of Sin on the level down when I get the "you have been removed from the game" message. Your servers stayed up; I was able to reconnect instantly, but now I had to go through 2 dungeon levels again to get back to where I was because the designers didn't feel Heart of the Damned should have a checkpoint (even if it did, I would still need to re-clear one dungeon level).

I know it's probably wishful thinking, but please fix this - preferably by getting rid of the random "removed from game" issue when there clearly isn't a server outage, and maybe consider keeping the game id open a minute or two after such a disconnect occurs.
Same here man, this is really annoying.
Me too.... Can't stand it.. I have the starters edition and I really wanted to buy the game but I can't find any good reasons to pay for the game if this doesn't get fixed... Stupidest thing ever that you need constant internet connection to play single player, the game could simply download everything untill next checkpoint at least and let you play untill there, that could be manageable...
this is a !@#$ing joke %^-*ing start a game 5 minutes later REMOVED FROM GAME !@#$ you blizzard you useless %^-*s
I find joinig the general chat as soon as you connect stops you from being removed from the game. I have no idea why it works, but it does for me.
I find it incredibly odd that this has never happened to me o.o.

I'll admit, I have gotten that message, but only after I've been away from the computer for an exhorbitant amount of time lmao.

I'm in Canada on a fairly strong internet connection (30 mbps = approx. 3.75MB download, and I would say almost 1MB upload), so that might be it. It might also just be that I'm lucky.
This is getting really annoying , I've been closing my eyes before the other issues ,but this actually makes the game unplayable for a lot of people , can't we at least get an answer as to whether they will even bother to fix this? I'm getting kicked out of the game for the 3rd day now , It's not my internet as it's working perfectly fine , been resetting my router all the time so don't you dare suggest me to reset it again. Anyone actually found a way to fix this?
-Tried disabling firewall too , no help.
Did you try joining the general chat?
Oh yes I did xD , I believe that battle net automatically connects you to general chat ,so yeah I tried that. Still experiencing the same problem.
any luck yet, guys? i just started playing last night. my friends are pressuring me to buy the standard package but with this kind of problem, i don't think i'd want to waste my money! this is indeed frustrating!!! x(
In my 100 hours I've never encountered this problem, yet.
I have the same problem. Yesterday I got a Guest Pass from a friend, and now I can play the starter pack.

The looks amazing, and I really would like to buy the game if it was not for this annoying issue getting removed from the server all the time (normally I can play from 1 to 5 min - not enough to reach a check point ).

My internet works just fine with any other application.

Things I have tried without luck:
- bypassing the wifi-router
- stopping firewall
- stopping not vital background processes from running
- (entering the general chat is not possible in the starterpack-version, so I have not tried that)

Please Blizzard!

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