Belial is Bugged

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On occassion will one shot me from 100% to 0% with force armor active with abilities that were mitigated with force armor previously.

Occasionally has HUMONGOUS range on his punch attack that makes it unavoidable.

I'm getting sick of fighting him and dying because randomly my force armor forgets to mitigate damage.
Yeah I was just facing Izual, and it never reduced damage to 35% :/ I just ended up changing the rune. I dunno if it's bugged or what...
Force armor was patched a while ago. It only absorbs up to 100% of your life in damage now.
Oh and they couldnt be bothered updating the tooltip?

Screw you guys @ blizz :/
And what the hell is the deal with his 100 mile punch?
Bump, fix this bs so I can kill him without getting melee'd half way across the room!! >.<

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