Need Mod. reply for Rubberbanding issues.

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I have played my Monk for approx. 40 hours and the one issue that irks me the most about playing the class is the CONSTANT rubberbanding-like effect that occurs when trying to use Tempest Rush. 9/10 of the deaths I've incurred are caused by this. Early on, I thought it was lag, but no. It's the faulty combat mechanics that are literally teleporting me back into the group of mobs I plowed my way through a split second ago.

Anyone who has played the monk class extensively knows what I'm talking about. It seems to occur when using the ability and being hit by an enemy simultaneously. Not only is it costing me spirit to activate Tempest Rush only to be interrupted, it's allowing the mobs a few more swings at me AND it is EXTREMELY disorienting. I can't help but hesitate for a split second whenever it happens.

This is just unacceptable and needs to be fixed. I dont even want to imagine playing on Inferno and having to deal with this broken crap. It's just cheap, plain and simple. I Don't want to be penalized for moving too quickly. This is NOT an MMO it's a fast paced action RPG that struggles to keep up with its own combat mechanics.

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