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I have noticed that while farming in about 200GF in hell in no random location with no repetition that after a while of try to farm fast that ALL of my gold drop diminish down to nothing. Stacked to 5NV i am at around 200GF. Runs will start off good with me getting max drops of gold around 1200-1300 With quite regular stacks of gold about 600 700. After about and hour to and hour and a half the amount of stacks dropped and the size of them greatly diminishes and will not go back up unless i stop playing for a while. WTH? what is the point of stacking up MF. if it seems like there is some sort of cap to how much gold you can make in a place in an hour? I can't find a thread on this and i just can't be the only person to have noticed this. Does anyone know whats going on with this?
anyone at all?
I haven't experienced this problem. My gold find is about 260% and I've been getting very large piles consistently. (More once NV is stacked obv)

If this is still giving you problems just do shorter runs - when you reach inferno you can easily do Skeleton King (using Cemetary x3 tomb to stack NV first) or Butcher in much shorter time and you'll drag in the big bucks.
Gold drops are the same for me at this moment, doesn't matter if I have 0 gf, 240 or over 300. Still I see stacks for about 40-300 gold with rare exceptions of ~1500. A LOT worse than 2 days ago..
Maybe the "hotfixe" ?
It's the same with loot from monsters.. I love the part when Blizzard changes something and nobody knows what.
06/09/2012 03:07 AMPosted by HellsMachine
It just feels like less because they nerfed the gold from vases and corpses

so now we're back to not caring about them and never smashing them
ive been getting 10ka run?
EU has been hotfixed, US will be within 24hrs.
Yup. I wrote hard numbers down for 179% GF and ended up with 3% LESS gold than @ 0% GF
this has happened to me as well, ever sense the last hot-fix.

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