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Topic and why.

I'll give my opinion later. Let's hear your thoughts folks.

tl1 was not interesting. you get better gear, but since the mobs scale with level you never actually get "more powerful". your spells feel more powerful, but you are clearing "levels" no slower or faster than before. it remains the exact same speed for the rest of the game.

tq, i couldn't get into it. things moved like they were floating on air, actions felt unresponsive, just generally not a very well developed game. i played about 30m, reached a quest where i had to go into some cave outside the town to kill some things, haven't played it since.
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I loved Titan Quest! I liked how monsters were actually wearing the gear they drop, felt really nice to kill a monster and see his armor actually fall off.
Played the Torchlight 2 beta after i had played D3 and preordered instantly.
TL2 is the game for me.
Wife and I really enjoyed Titan Quest.

I'm looking forward to Torchlight 2. It will be 1/3 the price of this game and I'm pretty confident that my account will not get hacked.
Titan Quest was/is the standard in which all top down RPG/Adventure games are held for me. Those saying the polish wasn't there, confuse me, because compared to TL1 and D3, that game was a huge hidden gem. Its graphics are as good, if not better than D3's, it's gameplay is diverse, it's classes are interesting. It's kill lines are deep, but not confusing, and it's itemization is almost perfectly scaled. Plus, the story is freaking awesome. Some Diablo 3 and TL1 might as well have not even had.


TL (I played Rune when I was a kid, and thought it was awesome.. TL.. not so much)
holy !@#$, I thought I was the only one that played Titan Quest. Such a great game :D
torchlight, meh.

titan quest was awesome. skill trees were awesome. zones were awesome. drops were awesome. only problem i had with it was that most of the boss' were the same wizard dude thingy. also when it came out, it needed a top of the line computer to run and i didn't have one so i had to wait like a couple years to play it.
titan quest was awesome. skill trees were awesome. zones were awesome. drops were awesome. only problem i had with it was that most of the boss' were the same wizard dude thingy. also when it came out, it needed a top of the line computer to run and i didn't have one so i had to wait like a couple years to play it.

I have been a PC gamer and always keep a sick machine, but you're right.. TQ was graphically ahead of it's time, thus why it's so superior looking to D3 imho. D3 looks like TL, WoW, and some of TQs more scenic areas combined. Not a dark, broody, demon filled death trap.

There were a few areas of TQ that literally gave me chills.
I liked TQ for a little while, but it got boring fast and i haven't touched it since.
Didn't like the setting or art style very much, the graphic quality was pretty good though.
TitanQuest was really good. I loved it

I'll start with Torchlight. It was fun for a while, but after a while it got too repetitive, almost every level looked almost exactly like the previous one, and to be honest, I never even bothered finishing it even on normal.

Titan Quest has become one of my all time favorite games. I found it in the bargain basement of a website, when I was looking for a new ARPG to spend my time with a few years ago. It must be said to be one of the best deals I've ever made. But the game really needed the Immortal Throne expansion to shine. That was the one that added stash in towns, options to respec and the TQ equivalent to runes and gems. The graphics of the game are awesome, and I love how it has manged to capture the spirit of the old ages in Greece, Egypt and the Orient. I absolutely adore the look of the game, especially the second act in Egypt - I always spend extra time farming that act, just because I love the looks of it so much. Not to mention; it is really well set up for farming. I also love how you can change the viewpoint of the game. It became even better with a fan-made mod which let you extend the viewpoint even further.

The problems of TQ is that the items database is quite limited. Having played through the game several times, and tried all of the 9 different skill classes at least once (with what, 45 classes available, since each character lets you select two skill classes, it is very versatile and replayable from that point of view), I'm pretty sure I've seen every item available drop at least once. The fact that the game's world is end designed, and not randomly generated, also takes a little bit away from replays, since after a couple of run-throughs you already know exactly where everything is. Still, it's an awesome game, which I've spent MANY hours on. Exploring everything, a runthrough from normal through epic and legendary takes about 130 hours...

I'm looking forward to its sequel-in-spirit; Grim Dawn, which is built on the same game engine, by many of the same people...

Diablo 3 is fun and when I start playing I often end up playing longer than I had initially planned. That's a good thing for a game of this type. But as we all know; it has many issues. Hopefully most of them will be fixed with time, though.
TQ was pretty good, at least better than DIII
I currently work with the TQ engine programmer. He now works for UWE on NS2. Very good game. We bug him all the time about programming the wavy grass.
They all have their ups and downs.

Titan Quest has an absolutely terrific skill and attribute system in terms of building it, but the actual 'oomph' of the animations and sounds in battle just isn't there. This is in direct contrast to Diablo 3, which has a very lackluster, dumbed down character-building system but the actual feel of battle is incredible. Titan Quest is also severely hurt by its choice of 100% static world design and to this very day is riddled with a multitude of awful bugs that even fan patches don't fully correct. OTOH, its itemization has a great deal of depth and is almost as good as Diablo 2's. There's even viable gold sinks that you actually WANT to use.

Diablo 3 is a step up in presentation but a step backwards in design. Loot is boring and half the modifiers are nigh-meaningless, and default difficulties are so easy that it makes looking for upgrades an unnecessary waste of time - whatever you find at random will be good enough. So many worthwhile but slightly troublesome things were simply stripped out of the genre in favor of user-friendliness that it's a little insulting. The environments aren't as static as TQ's, but not as flexible as Diablo 2's, but regardless of all else look gorgeous and provide excellent visual variety. However, where Diablo 3 really excels is in making combat flow well and differently for each class. The wizard feels like the essence of wizard, the monk just like you'd want a monk to feel, and so on. Killing things is extremely visceral and full of visual and audio cues that make it enjoyable even if effortless victory is a foregone conclusion. Other presentation-related tidbits like the narrated journal entries for monsters and all the flavor text dialogue also add a lot to the game's atmosphere.

Torchlight, as others have said, is really more of a modernized Diablo 1 than a new version of Diablo 2. Its cartooniness is a love it or hate it deal, but it does a great job streamlining potentially annoying features by adding to them instead of just deleting them. A fun pet system that also lets you transport loot is one good example of this. The game also increased its longevity with full-blown mod support, which allows you to add dungeons, monsters, items and even simple balance tweaks to get just the game experience you want. Unfortunately the monster types don't do a lot to distinguish themselves from each other mechanically or tactically, and the combat routine is simplified compared to Titan Quest or Diablo 3, so the gameplay for Torchlight starts to feel same-y after a while in a way that the other two don't.

Obviously, I've played all three, and I like all three for different reasons. Titan Quest is overall my favorite of the bunch, but it still can't hold a candle to Diablo 2.

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