price check: quiver

Demon Hunter
Don't know anything about demon hunters, wanting to know if this quiver is worth much.

Runic Quiver: Maiming Flight

critical hit chance increased by 5.5%
magic find increased by 14%
5% life
Attack speed increased by 14%
51 str
65 vit
No Max Discipline, it's worth nothing.
dang, thats unfortunate, seemingly had pretty good other stats. thanks for the reply
Would like to get a 2nd opinion on this...
Shijou is correct. No max disc, and no Dex make it worthless.
no dexterity or max disipline. Most DH go glass canon so vit isn't tha good. The only good things are AS and critical hit chance. So it's not worth that much.
If it had high dex you could sell it for peanuts, but alas it's worthless.
okay, thanks guys, appreciate it!

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