Weapons linked in chat show different dps

Bug Report
Summary: In a multiplayer game, a weapon was linked in party chat. If you click on the chat link, the popup window for the weapon shows slightly higher dps than the popup that you get from hovering over the item.

Screenshot: http://i1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii540/malchar/Screenshot001.jpg

The popup on the left is from clicking on the item link in party chat. The popup on the right is from hovering over the item. It was a 3 player game in act 3 inferno. The item had just recently been found. As you can see, the high end of the damage range differs by 1.

My Conjecture: It might be caused by the two viewing systems each handling the decimal rounding in a different way, which means that it will only be reproduced by weapons with % damage modifiers and specific damage values which are on the rounding threshold. For example, if the true base high-end damage is 242, that would be 333.96 after applying +38%, and 742.96 after applying the holy damage. It's possible that the decimal is chopped off when viewed in the inventory but rounded up when viewed in a chat link.

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