The new "Boon of Protection"

I'm a lvl 60 monk at Act 2 inferno. I'm currently experimenting on what builds i can use. I was intrigued by the Life on Hit thing, never used em.

I tried using this rune since i kept getting my !@# handed back to me, and for some cool reason my life on hit gives me 800-4000. I dont have any life on hit equips.

Was the 800-1.2k thing the "life on hit"?
It gives me +200 Life on hit...
For some weird reason it gives me 800-1.2k...

It shows at my stats 186

I don't know... I'm really getting that much life on hit

4k was from life globes fail me...
Its 180ish for every mob you hit. So you were probably fighting 3-5 mobs
I see, so It's like that.

Thanks for clearing that up
The way the healing pops up on screen from LoH can be calculated in with your LPS as well as with globes or you hitting multiple mobs. If your LPS and LoH happen close enough together, the green number can be compromised of both.
The spell may also stack with any life on hit gear you have, and although I havent seen it, may be possible to crit with. And like Taeaed said, it will stack the life gain if you are using an AOE attack.

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