Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

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Been having this issue myself for a while now. Although it appears to be happening with greater frequency lately. I will typically see between 100-200ms latency, which will randomly jump to around 1500ms + for about 30-45 seconds. During this time, the game is totally unplayable to me and usually results in death. After the spike, it will return to normal.
Just wanted to chime in. Getting the same issue people are describing here. Fine for a few minutes then 10-60 second spike.
I posted some graphical data here that shows where the problems are in ATT's network. Hopefully Blizzard is working with ATT on these issues.

Bump, blizzard needs to fix 1 of thier many errors
I haven't been able to play on weekends, or even some week nights during peak hours, in a long time. If Blizzard expects us to always be online, we should expect them to be able to always provide a service that is at very least PLAYABLE. This issue is absolutely ruining the game for me and everybody else here. We deserve resolution, and at the very least, a damn response from a representative. I'm beyond disgusted with this.
I have little to no lag on one laptop, but on the other two D3 is unplayable. The laptop that it works on is a 3.5-year-old Dell XPS with windows Vista... the other two are a Gateway that is about the same age (4 yrs old), and an Asus, that is brand new. Why the heck would I only not have latency issues on my Dell XPS?

Very strange. I'd like to play it on the gateway laptop because it's way better for games. My Dell XPS sports a terrible frame rate...

Anyone have any ideas on this weird phenomenon, or have had the same inconsistency between machines in the same household?
06/17/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Icemeat
Anyone have any ideas on this weird phenomenon, or have had the same inconsistency between machines in the same household?

Are some of your devices connected wirelessly to a router and others not? That seems like the most logical place to start.
Logical indeed. I have been operating all devices through my household's wireless router. Even when right next to the router, the performance does not improve. I have yet to try plugging them into the router using a cable, but that still does not account for one laptop working quite well wirelessly while the other two don't.

Thank you for your feedback.
Bump again, please fix this issue blizzard, add more servers to your farm, do whatever you need to do. But please stop being a lazy bunch of unaccountable idiots who continually give vague responses and piss poor customer service. I have not been able to play Diablo in almost a week and you continue to do NOTHING about it.

You disgust me.
I had stopped playing about a week ago due to lag death issues. Thought I would try again today. Played for a good ten minutes, got a good way into a dungeon. Things were looking good... then lag, then 5 mins later everything caught up and I was dead. At this point I would just like to play Diablo 1 again. I am a sad barbarian. I am pretty sure that this problem is not even ranking on their list of things to fix. They are more concerned about making money off the RMAH garbage. Well... Here's to hoping Torchlight 2 is a better game.
I really don't get this. Let me start out by saying my internet service is AT&T, At&T U-verse. I played WoW and other online games for years, with little to no latency issues on this computer. I also play wireless, BUT, this is what I don't understand.... When I started Diablo 3 I had no issues with latency or lag, at all. Whether I was playing at night or during the day. In this past week I've been having increasing issues with lag. Let me use today as an example: I played from 11am to about 3pm, a minor lag spike here or there but nothing that resulted in INSTA-DEATH x_X. I log back on around 7pm, began my dungeon crawl, with no latency. Five minutes in my latency is 1k +, with five minutes of my character being unable to do anything. After these prolonged periods my character was dead, or nearly dead with tons of mobs swarming her.

I guess my questions are the following:
1) Is there something going on with AT&T that is causing this problem?
2) If it is client side, which I'm thinking it is, I need to know where to start. I don't know how to trace route or any of that stuff. I could figure it out, but I've never done it. I would ask Blizzard, but all other issues I've had with Diablo thus far have been solved in a more timely manner by searching the forums.
I'm having the same problem as everyone posting on this thread. I don't even want to play with other people online, I just want to play the !@#$%^- game I paid to RENT from *!@#ing Blizzard.

I'm walking away and will try again in another week, if this $%^- isn't fixed I'm seriously considering starting a class action lawsuit as a product defect. Considering, I paid for a product that cannot be used.

If this *!@# continues I'll start filing papers and posting the info for everyone else to join in.

This is just ridiculous, I don't even like the game that much, but to not be able to play something I paid for? $%^-ing shady..

EDIT: FYI, It's not my internet connection, I'm on a T3 business line. If we can run our cloud servers without an issue, you'd think we could play D3...
Appears my issue resolved when I plugged directly into the router using an ethernet cable. Hope you guys have better luck.
06/17/2012 10:18 PMPosted by Icemeat
Appears my issue resolved when I plugged directly into the router using an ethernet cable. Hope you guys have better luck.

yeah right, dream on
same here.
Between the error 3006 problem and the horrible lag when i can get in now, Blizzard is making it an easy decision to just cut my losses and move on. They wont even acknowledge there is any type of problem. I guess we are all just hallucinating. And for the record I'm plugged in directly to the router, so that's not the problem here.

These graphs show it's AT&T that's causing a giant portion of the lag by logging packet response times at each hop throughout the day (not just a point in time snapshot).

gar29.la2ca.ip.att.net is one of the worst culprits, cr2.la2ca.ip.att.net is pretty bad, and the 12-122-254-xxx.attens.net hosts are bad on occassion.
It isn't just ATT. I am on Time Warner and have the same issue everyone else is having....unplayable lag.
Any chance we get some type of response here Blues? Doesn't seem to look like it since its not tied in to the RMAH.

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