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I downloaded the latest patch and all of a sudden I'm having frame rate issues(8-10 fps). Is anyone else experiencing this? I was playing yesterday at 85+. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues?
AMD Phenom X6 1045T @ 3.2Ghz
GeForce GTX 560 TI DX11
Windows7 64bit
Running a 550ti at 65-70 problems here
Xanth - the latest driver released last week, 301.42, is giving a lot of people issues right now. Head over to the Nvidia forums and you'll see some issues related to Vsync and factory overclocked cards. If you're using the 301.42 or even 301.34 drivers then you might be having related issues.

Some suggestions have been to scale back your factory overclock to be within reference (if you have a factory overclocked card), to disable v-sync completely in the Nvidia control panel or to even revert back to the 296.10 driver.

Nvidia is supposed to release their next major, post-R300 driver this week... or maybe next, so just see if one of the above workarounds fix your issues.

Also, post back with your results and solution if you find something that works. Thanks.

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