Playerkill by Bola Shot

Bug Report
Just to inform you. I was invited to a game from some player I played a public game with, then this player invites a lvl 60 Player, which then kills me with a "Bola Shot". This was what it said in the chat message and this also appears officially in my Player archive as the source of death. I had like full HP and went to 0 in 1 second.

As this is an apparent hack, I would like Blizzard to look into this - ban the hackers (including the player that invited me) and restore my character - as this is no disconnect - lag bug issue, but an apparent hacking.
Someone in the EU Forum suggested me to do a screenshot - I have made one from the chat history now:

and the chat afterwards, where they admit they hacked and tried it again (which did not work):
@Zeromus, I lol'd as well...
it was me in this game, and no we didnt use any hacks ;) i think it has something to do with damage reflected... we did kill some elite, but i was next to that 60lvl guy and didnt die ... we still dont know what happened =)
Damn. what !@#$%^-s :/
I can't find this funny in any way form or shape tbh.
Yeah me neither. That's not really funny at all..

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