Aidan: Ruining previous storylines

Lore and Story
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Eh this story doesnt count at all. Different team, obvious retcon. Miserable fail of a game. Only a moron would defend this story with any consistency

You obviously weren't paying much attention in diablo 1. Oh wait, did you even play it?

When you slay the skeleton king in d1, the character says "Rest well, Leoric. I'll find your son.". Doesnt sound like something a son would say to a father after he slays him. Also, im pretty sure d1 referred to Albrecht as his ONLY son.

And? Yes, it was a retcon. It was not a big one. Removing some mild flavor text from a character that was an empty shell is not a big deal. It doesn't open up gaping plot holes. People claim these to be massive plotholes as an overreaction.

Also, you're making that out because there are multiple characters who in canon take on the skeleton king at the same time. The Rogue, Warrior and Sorcerer all take on the minions of Diablo together. Does it make sense for the Mage to say that line? Or the Rogue?

Ah yes the classic mystery box arguement from this idiot

Could have had the boat but the mystery box could be anything even a boat! When it turns out the mystery box is just crap, actual human feces we'll dismiss it by saying the box itself was just a mystery anyway so who cares what was in it. Melyria just likes to hear herself. Stupid person is stupid.

Does it make sense for a hero to lay a tortured soul to rest and then tell it to rest well and promise to further the quest by locating the tormented, fallen king's missing child in a crypt full of horrors and demons? Yes it makes a lot of sense which you lack. Seriously how do you get away with being so laughably ignorant?
An interesting detail in the original Diablo trailer.
From the depths of Hades, evil rises to corrupt the living. It brings pain and death to all that it touches. It murdered your family and destroyed your village. Now you must enter its lair on a dark mission of vengeance.

Now considering that the warrior is the "main" character...
The Warrior was supposed to have lived in Khanduras so their home could be in Tristram. It doesn't make them the son of Leoric.
The issue with Aidan could be easily be avoided if he was a Bastard, that no one knows, not even him, except maybe Leoric and other few people like Lanchdanan (Not Lazarus), that way he would be a Nameless Hero, someone no body knows ho he is. And then MAYBE at the end of Diablo Cain discovers this or something.
he was a baby that was abandoned by his father and never mentioned. he was found and raised to be a soldier. he heard what happended in tristram and went there. somewhere along the way he was discovered by decard cain.
Well, yes I know the warrior lore, I am just pointing out that Condor Games (I think this was made before they were Blizzard North at least) seemed like they wanted the characters to have roots in Tristram.
maybe tristram is where the cathedral of light was. would explain things.
"rest well leoric, i will find your son" the warrior says that after defeating the skeleton king. wouldn't he have said "rest well dad, i will find my brother" if he was aiden? not only that, but they mention the "eldest son" being killed in the westmarch war if i remember correctly...

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