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Quote from the patch notes:

Several Mac performance improvements have been made

This patch made absolutely no difference on either of my Mid-2011 27-inch iMacs (2560x1440).

1. VSync still caps at 30 FPS
2. Windowed-fullscreen mode still caps at 30 FPS.
3. Setting shadows even on LOW still unbearable.
4. Turning off AA, checking LowFX and setting Texture Quality, Physics and Clutter to either LOW or MAX make absolutely no difference in FPS.
5. Still have to restart the iMac every time I want to play D3; otherwise it caps at 25 FPS.
6. Menu items highlighting still lags behind the mouse cursor (in AH and other game menus).

I guess your Mac team got so preoccupied with all those 9400m's, that it totally forgot about making any improvements for newer Macs, which have been promised in other threads.

Can't you hire, like a new, better team? Or just hire more people to the existing one? Some CM on these forums said that the team consists of like 2 people. How can that be acceptable for a company such as Blizzard?
If you are running the game at 2560x1440 you may not see a noticeable difference since at that resolution the Mac has to work very hard to display properly.

What happens when you drop it to a different resolution? If you use the game's default resolution (different for each Mac) it gets the most optimal game play.
When I first installed the game, the in-game resolution was defaulted to 1920x1080.
It runs great at this resolution at 60fps with vsync on and shadows on medium. But you know how everything looks if you force a non-native resolution for your monitor. (hint: it's ugly)

Well, not everything. Static objects and environment looks almost as great. But the characters/NPCs and mobs -- oh, boy. I would better not play at all, than have to look at them. :)

Anyways. The game runs at 60fps even at 2560x1440. But you have to turn the shadows off completely, disable vsync, and restart iMac before launching the game. The first two I can live without (although, it's not as sexy), but the last part just kills me. I know in the other thread you said that issue is being looked at and I hope your team will resolve it soon (non-Blizzard "soon").

But the thing is, the same machine runs Diablo III at 2560x1440 and all settings on max at 60fps under Bootcamp (Win7). But not under OS X. So it's not like the Mac is unable to work that hard. Has to be OpenGL optimization issue. Or is it crappy Apple's OpenGL backend/drivers as usual?

TL;DR: sadface
Quit whining, Jesus. Most of us couldn't even PLAY pre-patch, now you're complaining because you're not getting 60-65fps? Really? Turn your resolution down or get a new computer. There's really nothing else to be said, the patch was out out, there won't be anymore real improvements.

Either play, or get over it and sell the game.
I have a new computer Stormborn. Still can't play the f'ing game with out the frames jumping all over the place. They have a laundry list of items to fix so long Santa would frown. C'mon blizzard, jeeze!
I also got slowdown issues. i got a iMac 27 with a 512 vram radeon 4850 running the latest Lion version. I am playing in 1920 with settings at a fairly low lvl and still get the slowdown. Even at 800X600 i get the same slowdowns. Looks like a software problem either on the OS side or Client side. I do not want to spend 100$ on a windows 7 license only to play the game under bootcamp :(
It is not just whining, Stormborn. He is right. If the exact same machine can play with all settings to the max on Windows, then that is truly a Blizzard/Apple issue. I currently play on a PC, but I am buying a Mac real soon and those kind of problems really worry me. D3 looks like a masterpiece on my machine, and I wish it did the same on the Mac.

However, in this case Markus, I believe Apple does play a part on the blame. Their OpenGL subsystem is horrible (i.e, too old for current GPUs). They ARE rebuilding the entire video system from the ground up on Mountain Lion, though, so there is some light of hope. It is also expected that they release Mountain Lion with OpenGL 4.1 (which is capable of DirectX 11 compatible effects). Current Lion release (and older) ship with OpenGL 2.1 and a "hacked" OpenGL 3 support.

Let's all hope for some good news on Monday, when Apple is expected to annouce the features and the release date for Mountain Lion at WWDC. If all the good news are true, then I don't know how long it would take Blizzard to update their game engines for the new OS.
I have the same machine as OP. I changed the Hardwareclass from 4 to 3 and saw a massive improvement in performance, at the expense of a slightly reduced quality on some effect (such as the soft edges on shadows). I have made this change in OSX and my Bootcamp partitions and the performance improved on both. right now the performance difference between Windows 7 and OSX is negligible.
1.02b did give me a slight performance boost under OSX, but more importantly it corrected some graphical glitches that occasionally occurred on some spell effects when drawn over water.
incidentally 1.02b did wonders on my 2006 MBP with an unsupported x1600. some trouble areas went from 8FPS to 25FPS with the same settings.
06/08/2012 12:00 PMPosted by Schmezz
They ARE rebuilding the entire video system from the ground up on Mountain Lion, though, so there is some light of hope. It is also expected that they release Mountain Lion with OpenGL 4.1 (which is capable of DirectX 11 compatible effects). Current Lion release (and older) ship with OpenGL 2.1 and a "hacked" OpenGL 3 support.

06/07/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Markus
and restart iMac before launching the game

WHy's that? Are you using sleep?

@ Schmezz, current lion has full support for 3.0 3.1 and 3.2 openGL specifications. It also has minimal 3.3 support. Lion is NOT on 2.1, unless all you look at is compatability profile instead of core profile.
10.6.3 has a lot of 3.x extentions just not shading language 1.30 1.40 or 1.50 whch was major drawback to 10.6 vs 10.7. that said, at this time i don't think any of blizzards games even use GLSL anyways because for a good time it was just so far behind. That could change with 10.7 and 10.8, when they are able to drop 10.6.8, but probably not until then.

I have seen no sources that mountain lion includes any new opengl functionality what so ever over lion though, if you have any sources that say otherwise i'd be happy to see them. If it does have any 4.x support i'll be very pleased but I'm not confident apple gives two craps about gaming APIs right now (unless it concerns game center and iOSification of OS X).
Torque and Mystical

Here is the official Apple release

"A new graphics infrastructure underpins OpenGL and OpenCL and implements GLKit, first introduced in iOS 5, to make it easier to create OpenGL apps."

And here is a bit more in-depth analysis on Apple's announcement

"A major overhaul to OS X's graphics capabilities has been a long time coming. Macs were stuck on OpenGL 2.1 for far too long, though some Snow Leopard updates added extensions that supported functions from OpenGL 3. Lion finally added support for OpenGL 3.2, but that was after OpenGL had been updated to 4.1 and was already supported on Windows and Linux."

As I have said (or tried to say) on my previous post, this is all a bit of speculation right now. The official Apple annoucement (and official list of Mountain Lion features) is supposed to be revealed next week (even that is a speculation itself! - crazy). Besides, the only OpenGL version that supports a "cross-support" with OpenGL ES (used on iOS) is 4.x. So if Apple is truly trying to normalize iOS and OS X, it is VERY probable that they will choose 4.x. We shall see.
06/08/2012 03:46 PMPosted by MysticalOS
and restart iMac before launching the game

WHy's that? Are you using sleep?

No, I'm not using sleep. I just play Diablo for some time, quit the game, do some stuff (like, surfing web, reading/writing emails, watch some movies, etc.), then I launch Diablo again and it's capped at 25-30 FPS. Logging out of the user and executing memory "purge" does nothing. Only a complete system reboot.
06/07/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Markus
Or is it crappy Apple's OpenGL backend/drivers as usual?

Just FYI Apple does NOT write their own drivers. They just work with the manufacturers to bundle the ATI or nVIDIA written drivers into the software updates.
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