Make banners capes instead

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I think the whole customization of banners is pretty useless because even if you get special acheivements and stuff that give you extra designs for your banner, you hardly ever see it or notice it.

Why don't you make it a customizable cape instead so we can actually see it and design it to be enjoyed instead of actually leaving it untouched? Capes or cloaks in WoW were actually nice to look at because of the designs and gave an additional look to your character. I think it would add an extra fun factor to the game, even if it is little.

Just my 2 cents.
completely agree

oops caps
Don't DH's already have a cape if they wear their class specific chest armor?

oops caps

Why wouldn't you just fix it?
I just plant my flag everywhere, all the time like an a**hole during runs in public games.
because you are oplaying a simple 60.00 hack,n slash ant it really is not wort the effort to do this. Who actually notices things like this a cape would require a lot of time.

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