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I've been farming it for sometime and I was wondering if anyone feel like the drop rate or value have been lowered there? Anyone?
Still trying to convince Izual on normal mode to give me the plans >.< Apparently, 50 trips isn't sincere enough
He's been selfish
Not sure, but the first time I did Nightmare pony level the pinata dropped a legendary item. I've had 2 legendaries in about 100 hrs of gameplay. Sounds about right.
wait.. u can do inferno pony lvl?! wtf u have godlike gear?
06/02/2012 08:32 AMPosted by SayCheese
Not sure, but the first time I did Nightmare pony level the pinata dropped a legendary item. I've had 2 legendaries in about 100 hrs of gameplay. Sounds about right.

1 legendary and 1 set item (i couldnt believe see a green item in the ground and it wasnt a book :D) in 100 hours
You would see my gear and you'd be sorry for me. I have ok gear but its not really hard with a DH, Imobilize Caltrops with custom Engineer and then its just free kills.

I havent seen a Legendary or a Set item in more then 10 days there and im runing around wtih 200 MF without Neph Valor. Am I just super unlucky or what. Even Rare items seems more then rare
I ran through Hell Whimsyshire twice in a row yesterday (with 5 valor before I entered), killed everything, opened everything.

1 rare item, and that was from a pinata.

I was baffled.
I've heard two rumors.

The first being that if you over farm the same content repeatedly, the drop rates are lowered.

The second being Blizzard nerfed pony farming since its basically just a giant exploit in Inferno right now.

In both cases, they are just rumors.

I have also heard that MF is averaged among all players in a group, so if you are farming with people without mf gear, that would also mess up your drop rate.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has anymore info on this.

As a side note, just play the whole game. I did a full Act I run from start to finish with some MF pieces and a set piece ring dropped that was worth about 8 to 10 million off of the Warden. The next day, a friend and I were doing a Butcher run and a 3 million gold legendary dropped off of a random mob. Blizzard has said that good loot drops in all acts, and some of the best loot can only be found in specific acts. A lot of my friends are banging their heads against a wall trying to find exploits or repeatedly farm 1 or 2 things and they aren't finding much.
06/02/2012 08:54 AMPosted by Odin
Doesnt it cost like a million to open every time?

No, just to make the staff. Once you have the staff you can open it as many times as you want.
If only we could trade them. Izual blessed me with 3 already.
Yea what you heard about the mf being splited is right but I always solo pony level if I wanna clear it.

But yea fact is last time I did act 2 i got about 6-7 drop that were about 500k worthy each, wich is pretty decent considering most rare and almsot every blue sells for ridiculously low amount.
Did act 3 up to the siegebreaker and got zero sellable drop.
And did about 5-6 pony level run in the past 2 days and got nothing there to.

I almost feel like going back to Lacuni and stealthing snakes.

Would be great to have a dev just say What is up exactly with Pony level; if it got ninja nerfed or i'm just not lucky or being impatient over 6 runs with zero drops.

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