need PL. lvl 52 died and i want my life back

hey, ill pay 400K to anyone who helps me do kulle runs until im level 50. that's level 11-30 = normal kulle, then diablo to unlock nightmare, then 30-50 nightmare kulle. that's roughtly 3-5 hours if done well
Ill also be your best friend and love you long time
the prices are negotiable. ish. i just really want to level. plus, doing all those kulle runs is a guaranteed 3-4 Mil exp and maybe 3-4K gold so double money
Hey lookers, im great in bed too.
All i want to do is rule all of HC mode and crush all those who oppose me with my Mighty, thundering fist. is that too much to ask?
Hurry, my sexual appetite is withering AS WE SPEAK!

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