Diablo 3 Freezes Computer (Only Recently)

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hi blizzard team did your all sleep
or there is no body to fixed this SH!T

please work this out
i cant play for more then 1 week
or else make me a REFUND!!!!
I am having the same problem on my brand new Alienware Aurora A4. The spec is core i7 running at 3.8Ghz. 16G or DDR3 RAM and Dual GeForce GTX 680. SLI enable. Got this systems 24 hours ago, install nothing but Diablo 3. OS is windows 7 64 bit.

After entering Diablo 3 for less than 5 min, the screen just hang and nothing I can do, after a while the screen just go black and the only way to recover is to press on the power button for more than 10 seconds.

This happen in both game and Auction House. Machine ships from Dell brand new with all the latest driver, still can't play.

Wish I can get some help here but looking at all the problems people are having here, I think I am out of luck.

i dont know if this will work for everyone but i found a workaround for this problem.
i switch to my integrated graphics card and run the game and play around for a minute.
then i close the game and switch back to my primary graphics card and run the game again and the problem seems to go away.
the only issue is that i have to do this every time i restart my computer. but its better than having the game freeze up and have to force the computer to shut down.

i hope this works for you guys.
Same here, Windows 7 64 bit, intel q9400, 8gb ram, radeon 6850. I though i was alone with such a huge problem. Lost my 2 hc characters because of it(
bout the same specs but an phenom ii x4 965 and just started computer locking my computer yesterday. thought it might have been overheating but after some cleaning and temp checks it still does it.
My Witch Doctor level 59 just died because game froze again

4 characters of mine died because of this problem (two level 60, one level 35 and a level 59 just died), frozen screen, I can't alt + tab, just ctrl + alt + del and i can kill the process in the task manager......

I'm done, I'm not a fool to keep playing this game, since I only play hardcore, I wont play again til Blizzard fix this issue that many users are experiencing...........

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Ati Radeon HD 7970
Intel i7 920
Asus Rampage II Extreme
OCZ Revodrive X2
6 GB Corsair DDR3-1333 (667 MHz)
Same problem here after I switched to a new graphic card.
From Geforce 8800 GT 512GB
To XFX Radeon HD 6970 2GB DDR5
Worked nice smoothly with the previus GFX and now I it just freezes. Just when I start up I can 5 sec approx. then it freezes.
Tryed other games to see if it worked . I.e. MAX GFX in Minecraft 64 bit just some lag with the rendering due to low ram (8gb).
Dont wanna put back my old loudly GFX, its full of buggs and !@#$ now.

Please get an fix on this issue before Borderlands 2 comes out, else D3 will burn.
Same for me followed with a bsod. It works at a standard 1920x1080 resolution, but at 2560x1600 it just freezes and crashes on me.

Intel i7 990x
24gb DDR3 - 2200mhz Corsair Dominator GT
Revodrive 3 240gb- PCI-e SSD
1TB 7200rpm sata2 64/7200rpm drive
Nvidia 690GTX 4gb
Asus P6X58-E WS mobo

I tested it out on both SSD and HDD same crashes, even tried another OS, with latest drivers and everything nice and clean. Just crashes on me.
I must say that at a resolution of 1920x1080 isn't acceptable with a 30 inch screen.

PC works fine with all other games. No heating issues (fully watercooled).
Experience the same thing only recently. I play on my iMac boot camp 64 bit and that side freezes up. When I switched to my Mac side there is no problem. First time it didn't freeze up after a full run on act 3. I set the settings as low as my Mac side for my boot camp and I still was freezing. So I'm still confused what it can be. I read most of the thread. could it be heating, video card, drivers?? I like playing on my boot amp side cuz I can run my setting almost to the highest.
I bought the game today with the dream of playing all night. But after installing the game my happiness lasted just 3 minutes before the screen is freezed up. My configuration is adequate for the game. I was sure that the problem had been solved already in the forums till today. It's a shame for blizzard.
We need a FIX COME ON BLIZZARD!!!!!!
installed this game a few days ago, first night froze my computer completely 3 times in four hours . Next day played for a few hours going good and then did it again. locked up my whole system every time it does it.

I run windows xp media edition (old but works great)
GT 220 (1gb video card)
2 gb ram
even have a second 256 video card i use for my secondary screen
exact same situaltion here... hard lockup.. buzzing noise from speakers seems to been since patch the other day... 1.0.5a or whatever it is... any fix found yet? played sc for 2 hours no problem... d3 locks up computer randomly ive been pullin hair out tryin to figure out... nice to see its not just me i guess
just wondering has it been since one of the last patches for everyone else?
temps are fine when crash happens... only happens on d3 exact crash as stated above... picture locks up.. buzzing noise forced to reset
For me, the issue's like this:

1. Log-in, go AH, Freeze
2. Log-in,go ingame, slowly declining framerates, Freeze/BSOD

Had 4 BSODs in the past 2 hours. This has never happened before in the past.

Went in again to try my luck. Lowered all my settings to the bare minimum and yet i get stuttering movements @ 60FPS. It worsens when you encounter big pack of mobs/elites. I closed D3 when the suttering and lag got too worse, before a BSOD happens.

I ran the game @ Max Settings smoothly @ 60FPS or higher a few weeks ago so it's definitely not a hardware issue.

Please Blizzard, do answer/solve the problems that many of us are having right now. So many of us are encountering the same problems so it cant be coincidence can it?

*Edit 2
BSOD Happened again : http://imgur.com/fRJRN
After last patch the game doesn't even let's me log in.
It simply freezes my computer.

Only recovers with hard reboot.
Thought it was only me till i see the replies below. I have run compatibilty mode reduced many settings and the same as the rest below. Game freezs, lagging and if i play other games on the net no problem only Diablo. This happend recently, must be one of the patches loaded recently.
My problem started after the lates patches. Then another patch came out and all seem fine but then after a couple of days then the trouble started allover. Has anyone got a reply to this issue yet on what to do?
Found on my router under the lan SERVERS list a weird server named DEMONWARE and deleted this due to me not reconizing this. Now the game works fine. My question is what was this server diong on my router list, i never put this there. Could a hacker get this on the router or was this installed by the last patches installed by Diablo. In any case the game is working

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