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Seismic Slam is one of my favorite moves in the game and I feel that its ability to hit a large number of enemies and knockback every one of them is often overlooked at the high levels. I used it as a damage source almost exclusively from when it unlocked until Inferno. Unfortunately, like most barbs, when I hit Inferno I had to change my build into a boring fury-spender-less cooldown based build.

Not anymore!!ZbV!YaZcca

This build focuses on controlling the way you engage enemies and keeps you out of danger as much as possible. Basically, the way I play is I leap into the center of a pack of enemies bashing away while iron impact is up and then charge away once I get full fury. Once you position yourself properly you unload with slam until your fury gets low when you repeat.

The nice part about this is that it gives you a lot of opportunities to isolate certain mobs while keeping more dangerous ones at bay due to all of your mobility (leap and charge) and knockback (slam).

Now this build does tend to perform better against many weaker mobs than single target ones, but I have reliably been able to do Maghda and the elites I encounter up to her with this build and since I am not just standing there getting wailed on I find it is actually more survivable than the revenge based builds.

My stats are (buffed by passives but not warcrys):
Strength: 1304
Vitality: 1240
Armor: 8122
Damage: 17786.91
All Res: ~300
And I'm running with a 2Hander.

I'm not saying that this is by far more effective than the other builds out there-- but it is effective and in my opinion, way more fun.

Let me know what you think!
I haven't tried Seismic slam in inferno but I heard it just has a brief chance to stun elite packs and there's no actual knock back?

sounds like it would be difficult to do well with
Stun is only with a certain rune, I am using shattered ground (increase damage and knockback). Knockback doesnt work on all mobs (massive, certain elites) but it does work for most.

You aren't really relying on stuns to keep them off you as you have two separate means of escape and the knockback works almost 100% of the time.
I like this build. Seems interesting, and I loved and used the crap out of SS as soon as I got it too ( till inferno ). I'll give this a try in A1 tonight, since I can farm that pretty easy now without going full defense.

A few things, did you try cleave with reaping swing? with more than a few enemies it should generate more fury.

Also did you try seismic slam with strength from earth to give you 6 uses instead of 3? Seems like it would be more damage, but losing the extra knockback might not be worth it.

Also did you try Animosity for an extra slam or two with strength from earth? You're not really tanking hits anymore so losing one armor passive might not be too terrible.
So I personally love bash (another thing I had to drop when I got to inferno), but putting that aside this build already does a lot of AOE damage. I felt that bash was a bit better single target and generated plenty of fury.

On that note, I was surprised at the fury generation you end up having with this build. Between warcry (30) leap(15) and charge(15) and another 12 for every enemy you bash it just didn't seem worth it to take something like animosity or lose the increased damage from shattered.

I did run with weapon master (I use an axe) when in Act1, but I decided I wanted the survivability for Act2.
I run a similar build with seismic slam and I think it's pretty good. Using strength of the earth rune. Basically what I do is leap in with iron impact, ignore pain with 7s rune and revenge wth provocation for melee and fury generation, leap out and seismic till my cd on ignore pain is over.

Managed to solo farm mag in act 2 with 20k dps and 650 resist quite comfortably. Gonna try how this works with khule when I get home today. Keeping ya posted.
Don't use a basic fury generator if you want to do a Seismic Slam build.

This will work better if you have some crit and it is much more fun to do.!ZYh!cYcacY

This will work until act 4 inferno when things like oppressor elites 1 shot you for being at mid range.
I'm not to keen on dropping WotB but I guess I'll try it out. Thanks for the post!
I use a rage generating build for seismic slam that works in MP10 inferno. It is also a all range build using weapon throw.!ZfY!bZYcbZ
Hey op
Search for orion guide on slam in this forum.

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