Laptop turns off while playing 20mins in D3

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Ok sooooooo, my laptop can take punishment. Such as Skyrim on high settings, StarCraft II on high and Saints Row on High/Med. I think you get the idea. But with Diablo 3 it's impossible, it shuts off my laptop in about 10-20 mins in gameplay, nothing like that has ever happened to me. It goes smoothly but then shuts off.

I have to put it on 50 fps max, and turn off shadows, physics and clutter density in order to play Diablo 3. Don't forget I have to put a book under my laptop to let air come under it.
Wtf Blizzard? Diablo 3 looks like a piece with those settings.

Specs: Acer laptop
AMD Raedon HD 6550M
Intel core i5 2.93ghz
Anyone? Anyooooooone? Bump.
I have the same problem. This problem only started in the last week. I have played the game for Hours with no problems and now after 10-20 min of game play it shuts off the computer.
KingDad ,

Are you using a laptop as well? Do you use a cooling pad while playing? Have you tried using a can of compressed air to blow out any accumulated dust you can get to? When doing so, make sure the laptop is unplugged from all power sources. The battery should be removed which may allow further access inside to blow out the dust.
i have the same problem,my laptop is barley warm and poof shutdown, this is really starting to cheese me off bigtime!
This happened to me as well and I thought it was a problem with my computer. Happy to see that it's a known error.
Anybody found solution to this problem yet?
Having almost every session of gameplay. This only started like few days ago.
And I don't think it's due to overheating... the laptop is well ventilated
Maybe your cpu just isn't good enough for Diablo 3?

You can check your specifications online with the recommended specifications for Diablo 3.

Hopefully this gets things clear.
Maikel, It is nice that you want to help, but this thread is from September. It is unlikely that the original posters will be back to see your comments. It is best not to necro old and dusty threads!
Yes i know the thread is very old... but same problem tonight. Pufff... My Asus G750JX turned off after 20 min of gameplay. Never seen a thing like this... My laptop shut down, like a black out!
CPU Temp: 42°
GPU Temp 68°

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