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In the achievements there is one that requires you to defeat a champion pack of each monster type listed. However, I've killed 2 full subjugator packs (heaven act 4 gardens of hope tier 1), and the box never checks.
i've had the same problem. champion's collection achievement: subjugator box never gets checked no matter how many champ subjugator packs you kill
Same here, killed multiple champ Subjugator on multiple different characters and the box won't check.

On a side note it took me 2 rare Subjugator kill for the box to check.
Same here. Just killed a champion subjugator pack for the second time, but it doesn't check.
definitely not fixed in 103

just found this topic with google
still not fixed?
Having this same problem with champion "quill demon" right now from act 1 scavenger cave. The funny thing is, I wrote all the champions and rares that I needed on paper, and I did this one yesterday, verified that it was checked, and crossed it off my list on paper. I log in today, it is unchecked, and now when I kill a champion quill demon, it doesn't check.


very frustrating.

and yes, I know that
champions = blue
rares = yellow

It reminds me of the problem with when the game released May 15th and there was tons of server lag and lots of achievements rolled backed... and then because the achievement system isn't dynamic enough, it thinks you've already done it even though you haven't, so when you do it again, it doesn't register.

If you make the achievement system more dynamic, this stuff won't happen.

I have the same problem: Champion subjugator and Rare sand dweller are not checked in the box when i kill them.

Also problems with some champions and rarte versions of: skeletal archer, skeletal sentry, skeletal raider, skeletal marauder, dust imp, fallen cur, plague swarm, armored destroyer, armaddon, and the never-seen-before MALLET LORD champion and rare version.

So Blizzard, you have make us to pay you 60 euros (in europe) to play your BETA GAME. And instead fixing the bugs that people need to be solved to complete the achievements, you are implementing only incoming-money-features-for-you like that stupid RMAH.

So, next patch, instead of coming with all this stealing-money-codicious-features, please fix the bug that make this game interesting to be played. Please fix the boss spawning rate for complete ther achievements, PLEASE FIX THE DROP RATE OF THE "BATTLEFIELD REPORTS" LORE BOOK FOR THE BOOK QUEST ACHIEVEMENT.

If you dont fix that bugs, the game will not be interesting to be played, and people will leave the game, and noone will be interested to buy REAL MONEY ITEMS in the AH, for a game that cannot be completed (in his achievement aspect).
same for me... box won't check... -.-
hah. i finally found a horned charger champ pack. killed it, box got checked, then a few hours later i got booted off bnet. come back on and its unchecked again
There have been many bug reports now dealing with issues with the two achievements 'A Rare Phenomenon' and 'Champions Collection', e.g.

and here is a list of those monsters which currently seem bugged:

I wonder why there has been no blue post so far confirming any of those observations as bug, and why those haven't made it onto the 'known issues list'? Also, the 1.04 patch notes only say that 'Unique Collection' has been fixed... :(

Let's hope they have fixed the others as well, but forgot to mention.
Subjugator champs remain bugged post-1.04. Just killed a couple packs and no dice.
BUMP for making bugs known.
Tons of achievments are still bugged since release and completly neglected by blizzard. So dissapointing.

still not fixed. Just killed a pack, box never got checked.

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