What happened to those crazy 2h DPS barbs?

Ok, so after playing as a 2h DPS barb with about 23k DPS, 9k armor, 36k hp, and about 40% resist all, I wanted to see how high I could get my DPS. I changed my skills to http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bVYRiP!ZcY!YcZZaZ so now my max DPS while in WotB is over 88k!!!!! This build works for hell mode for sure, i just wiped my !@# all over Big D (Diablo, just a way cooler name) this morning, and I will see if I can do some butcher runs after class. I consider myself slightly geared, but nothing compared to the barbs who solo a4. I still cant do a2 so once I get more geared I just cant wait to see 100k non-crits. For me, barb is all about just rushing in and pounding the $%^- out of those pesky little demons. When I had a sword + board, yeah I didn't die much, but its not fun and you cant solo bosses because your DPS is too low. I love seeing crits for 180k+ damage, it makes the game so much more fun. I think I primarily did this DPS build after getting *!@# from the monk tank during a butcher run. He just stood in the flames and tanked the butcher while me and another barb couldnt attack him. He said that it was no big deal because the DH does the most DPS. I asked what the DH's DPS was and I had 3k more DPS without my new build. I hate the steryotype that barbs are tanks and DH's are DPS. I can do more damage than DH's and even some wizards. I usually 1-2 hit monsters in a1 inferno while solo. If anyone has advice to give me more DPS go right ahead and tell me in the comments.
I have 50k dps unbuffed. Just load up on str, crit gear and increased attack speed without sacrificing hp/armor/resists too badly.
They are now throw barbs....

but throw barbs are starting to realize dual wielding can get you higher damage numbers apparently, especially with double sockets

haven't you seen that ridiculously geared glass cannon dual wielding throw barb that can reach something like 380k dps?

makes me sick honestly, they need to nerf the crap out of throw weapon. Barbs where not meant to throw things only. Its a spammable fury spender. Fury cost needs to be raised.
It's a shame that it won't work in Inferno.
In D2, Barbarians did this sort of thing all the time.
In D3, Barbarians hide behind Wizard skirts and Shields.

What are you talking about? The only thing he might want to change for inferno is frenzy w/sidearm instead of cleave and with his stats he will easily $HIT all over A1 and will only need a bit more damage with more vit and resist for A2
The other point of this post was to say that I'm having fun playing the way I want to play. Sure, I could do more dps with weapon throw and stuff like that, but what do you envision in your mind when you think of barbarian? THINK OF CONAN!!!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats what I want to play like, just run into the heat of battle and take big sweeping cleaves chopping demons into pieces. A barb with weapon throw/seismic wave = A !@#$ING COWARD.
I'm moving through act 2 on my 2 hand barb.

I ran board and sword from start thru inferno butcher. I was bored w/ the low dps so did some searching.

After slowly replacing my gear, I am about to finish black soulstone in act 2.

38k hps , 25k dps boosts to about 80k? I lost a lot of resists when redoing the build. My weapon is 1k dps, w/ 100 str, nothing special.

I dont have a ton of money or i'd upgrade weapon and resists more. Act 2 is a struggle but doable 2-hand, who no items worth over...200-300k each.

Anyway, my point is, 2 hand barb is viable, I've seen video of 2 hander solo inferno diablo, and the trash before etc w/ ease. That guy has nuts gear though.

I might not be progressing as fast as wizard, but i'm enjoying the barb, and boosting over 80k dps is a lot more fun then my defensive build that had like 15k dps.

I'm not sure the reason for my post, other then to discredit the "barbs must kite" theory.

300 resist boosting to 450 in act 2 is a bit rough. But mixed w/ ignore pain on 7 second duration w/ high boost dmg and i'm moving along steady. In fact if it were any easier it just wouldnt seem right.

My largest complaint is multi player. I prefer public/friend games. The increase in mob health/dps really handicaps me, where ranged characters seem to overcome this w/ ease.
I use a 2h quite often. I solo iskatu in act 4 with a 2h. I solo elite packs in act 2 with a 2h. I solo zoltun kulle with a 2h. Please keep your "deeablo tree so stronk plx nerf nfern" to yourself.

The only issue i have with current barb-in-inferno mechanics is that the highest tier weapons and most pieces of armor possible in act 1 don't have the stat pool to be useful in act 2+.

The only issue i have with current barb-in-inferno mechanics is that the highest tier weapons and most pieces of armor possible in act 1 don't have the stat pool to be useful in act 2+.

I would agree to this. A solid approach to helping people move along more steadily could be to boost the +stat items in act 1. Once I got a handful of mediocre 150+vit/str items it really gave me the hp/dps to move forward. Act 1 is just not producing these items.
I love my 2h play. I have 40k dps, 650 ar, 7k armor 40k hp (buffed stats) and I can can completely wreck A1 even if I build glass cannon. However even building defensively for a2 I get squished instantly. I am still hoping to push through it without dusting off the shield but it has been pretty rough so far.
I can Kill Butcher on inferno just fine with sword and board and 5 neph stacks

And i dont have crazy gear either
It will work in at least act 1, I had much shabbier stats and still wiped the floor with the Butcher and elites/champions along the way. Even got the 2min kill achieve my first time.

Can't speak for Act 2 and on, I haven't really progressed past that point.
05/31/2012 10:48 AMPosted by Doov
In D3, Barbarians hide behind Wizard skirts and Shields.

this is a sad fact but does make you ahve to have a closer group or team, wizards plow the field, barbarians just make sure nothing gets to the wizrd

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