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Hi guys!
At the beggining i want to say that i really enjoy diablo 3, and you did as always good job!

But! There is one thing that i totally didnt enjoy at all. It's very frustrating for me and i feel that this one thing is different from diablo 2 and it's worse than it was back there. I'm talking about 'right click' skills.
In diablo 2, i always binded skills like frozen orb, meteor to my right click to avoid moving in pointed direction when im out of mana. I hate pushing shift everytime i perform attack, so i mostly used that lovely working right click. When we were out of mana in diablo 2, and did 'right click' our character was standing still and just informed us 'i don't have enough mana!' or something like this. And now... now our character is moving where we clicked, it's annoying when playing range character, because i don't really wanted to go into 'invurneable molten killing one shot' inferno elite packs, i wanted to cast a spell in that direction :)
At this moment to have the same playing experience like in d2, i have to push that shift button everytime, no matter what i click, left or right button.

In concusion, is there a possibility to maybe change this permanently to 'dont do anything just inform about not enough mana/etc,etc', or give an option in settings to select what our character will do 'move' 'nothing'.

I would also like the ability to edit this setting. How does it make sense for a wizard class to run in and melee things after they are out of arcane power? We use a base skill like chain lightning instead. Make right click default to the base skill when we are out of arcane power.

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