Angel Hair Braid US-HC Legendary Belt

So I just found this belt with the following stats:

lvl 55
178 armor
103 int
52 vit
29 physical resist
24 resist all
+3% life
ignores durability loss

So, for my silly question for you theory crafters out this belt fairly valuable on the HC-AH? It would seem that it is and I am contemplating selling it as I have a sort of similiar belt:

lvl 51 - rare belt
+162 armor
129 int
36 vit
16 lightning resist
17 resist all
13% extra gold
melee attackers take 54 damage per hit

Can anyone help me decide if the legendary belt is worth replacing my rare belt with..or if it'd be more worth my time to sell/trade it in an effort to replace my abysmal 280 dps wand that I still use at lvl 58?

Gearing is serious business people! :)
not much to compare, you get a lot more life with the level 55 belt. do it.
the 55 is much much better.

Want to sell either? I'll give you enough to get that weapon. Crow#1620
I get only +1432 life from the Angel Hair with my current vit, and obviously more as I increase my vit stat, however, does no one think that a weapon upgrade would increase my survivability more than the stats from the belt?

At some point, a good offense to reduce the time I am dealing with elites may serve a purpose. 280 DPS wand is not that great for a lvl 58 character.

I am going to sell one of these two belts, depending on the offer. I hate to go to the AH with it, as there is nothing there to compare it with, and well, the AH is difficult to price.

I want a fair, but significant offer for either belt in the form of gold or a 1h weapon. I can add gold and goods as necessary.

Thank you for the replies and let me know what you think!
what is your id, i'll give you enough to get a good weapon
06/01/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Crow
what is your id, i'll give you enough to get a good weapon

You get any poster on the forums ID by using the drop down arrow next to their name, FYI.

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