What was the last game that gave you...

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an adrenaline rush?

I play games like D3 and MMO's and when I get get ganked or die normally I just shrug it off because I know I can respawn 5 sec later. Though I was playing Day Z mod for ArmA 2 for a few days and omg... whenever I saw another players I would get the rush. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest lol.

In case you don't know Day Z is a mod for ArmA 2 and it is about "zombie" survival, but really it is about surviving other players. You can walk around in the forrest or cities and collect stuff like food, water, medical supplies, and weapons. Though anything over the basic gear makes you a target for other players that want your stuff. When you die you are completely dead. You have to respawn as a new guy with nothing.

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