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I have been playing with numerous people and have been reading the forums, during this time I have been collecting a list of things that players feel might improve the overall game play experience. This list is not intended to be all inclusive however I will update it with any constructive comments / ideas people may have in follow-up posts.

Auction House:

  • The ability to sell un-identified items: I personally think it would be fun to buy an item that you do not know the stats of.
  • Evaluate Gear: It would be very helpful to show our character sheet as if we were wearing the gear.
  • Try on gear: Some people really like the look of specific items; I would like to be able to see the item on my 3d model
  • Sorting on Time Remaining: I am often times looking for a bid that is about to expire and now I have to page through every item
  • Additional Filter Criteria:
    • Attack Speed
    • Item with an empty socket
    • the ability to add a stat that an item does not have.

User Interface:
  • Tool tips: please allow the option to replace the percent weapon damage on the advanced tool tips with the actual calculated number from the current DPS / the attacks per second.
  • Tool tips: please indicate which DOTs are stackable for example does poison stack or if I case this spell again will it just renew the de-buff
  • Monster Life: please add to the monster life bar the numeric values. Often times I am fighting a mob I like to see the mob’s current / max health (so I have that option turned on) but due to the fact they are near the top of the screen I cannot see the numbers only the red bar for the current enemy
  • Monster De-buff: I would like to see what affects / de-buffs are on a monster on their life bar. For example often times it is hard to see when a monster’s attack is slowed if I were to select them I would like an icon, text or something near their health bar to indicate there current active affects.
  • Allow moving while map is displayed

  • First Kill: I would like the first kill of a boss per day should have an increased chance of loot drop, after that they can return to normal rates. This will allow a casual player to have a chance at increasing through the game
  • I would like to see the boss rewards increase as you kill more in the level. For example if I start act 1 inferno from the 1st quest, kill the Skeleton King (with 5 stacks of NV of course) and then go on to kill the butcher I would like to see the butcher have and increased drop rate as a reward for doing the entire act over again vs just boss farming.

  • Create and add new Events: We all love events we need more. How about specific events for specific difficulties

Game Instances:
  • The ability to turn a game to a private/invite only game once started

  • Damage Meter
  • Targeting Dummy
  • Combat Log
**** resevered to grow the list from user comments ****
**** resevered to grow the list from user comments ****

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