Crit/Crit Damage Act3/4 WT farm spec.

So, I've always been an offensive barb, never since starting diablo 3 have i wimped out and equipped a shield. I cleared Act 2 as a crit / Crit damage 2h user, and a lot of act 3 as well.

I have cleared act 3 and I can probably clear act 4 as well with my current stats. However clearing an act, and farming it are completely different things.

With my melee build I was running, Warcry(resist), Ancient Spear(heal), WotB(100% damage), Ignore Pain(20% heal), Frenzy(20% damage), Hammer of the ancients(270% damage). With this spec basically every 2 min I can 3~4 shot any rare pack out there, and kill bosses in around 20 seconds or less.

However my stats in order to accomplish most of that, was a result of farming act 3/4 and getting lucky with the AH.

Being a 2 minute hero is not effective while farming 5 stack neph and going after bosses. So I manned up, realized blizzard wasn't going to fix barbs in act 3/4 anytime soon and went weapon throw instead of re-rolling DH/Wiz.

My current stats un-buffed are:(Servers are offline can't give exacts)
Crit chance - 48.50
Crit damage - 530%
Damage - 72000
620 - P.Resist
350 - All resist
37k - HP

As a melee those stats above allowed me to crit for 600k+ with wrath of the beserker up, however barbarians only have 1 consistent ranged skill which is weapon throw. The skill is pretty weak, especially considering the fact that you have to play it with ricochet so you can kill elite packs and the hordes of normal mobs you usually find in act 3/4. It only does 100% of your weapon damage to 3 targets :(.

You have to take the good with the bad right? I realize the 'bad' heavily out weighs the 'good' in our case, however just be happy that if you were already gearing up as an offensive barb you can simply switch to a ranged spec that will at LEAST allow you to keep playing your class.

So with the Spec I'll be listing below, I can consistently run 10~15 min Siegebreaker runs. (the time varies with where the rare mobs spawn)!ZYf!ZZaYbY

With this spec, if you have the resist and hp like I do, you can stand still while in ignore pain and hard tank elite groups. I can sit through mortars with IP up and nuke down elites, so with the correct stats the build is extremely effective. Even for those with lower stats this build will provide you with that oh crap button when making a mistake while kiting.

Anyone attempting a Weapon Throw spec, regardless of what spec will want to have at least 35% crit chance. The only attack you have will be weapon throw which can only be successfully spammed if you crit. Therefore being able to crit is more important than dps.

Basically don't stack attack speed if you have no crit. I'm at 48.50% crit unbuffed and 51.50% with battle rage up, and I STILL get fury starved at some point. Blizzard had a really bad idea on how to build barbs, they added ANOTHER RnG factor to a skill that's based heavily on a primary RnG stat. The skill I'm qq'ing about is Battle rage + Into the fray.

Anyway, i'll post a vid of the siegebreaker run i do when servers go live so until then have fun going through D3 withdrawal like me!

*I'm using 2 1-handers in order to maximize my crit damage. I'll take the lower top end damage of 1-hander with another 100% + more crit damage than 300~400 more top end damage any day. Crit damage > Flat damage.
Newsflash Barbarians aren't supposed to be ranged
Suck it up, go re-roll if you don't want to adapt. Or go farm gear until you have 1000 all resist + 50k hp. and STILL die.
Hey, I remember steamrolling as 2H through normal/NM in the couple weeks of the game and then switching to sword/board in hell act 1, then I saw your stream popping out 150k crits with Hammer of the Ancients and that made me believe in the power of 2H again! (well at that stage of the game, there were no 1k DPS 2-Hs, top of the range gear was like 750-800dps 2-handers and people were QQing about Hell Act 4/Inferno Act 1, good times!)

Anyway, will check back after the servers come back up. And 2-H is still quite viable, don't despair!
2-H / dual wield its all the same its a crit damage spec :D.

But yeah you really can't play a viable melee dps barb in act 3-4 and consistently farm.

I've tried. Almost re-rolled.

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