"patch required" message on attempted log in

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Despite start menu informing me game is up to date and after downloading latest patch on starting game.
I have the same issue
Ditto. I get a notice that my game needs to install a patch, then I get a crash message, and the Diablo 3 launcher tells me my game is up to date. I feel like Yakety Sax should be playing in the background.
same here nothing we can do?
theres no manual patch or anything

Please do not repost things. On a lighter note, I would try to run the Blizzard Launcher from the directory and running it as admin. This has fixed this issue for a slight few, but it could work for you. Have you looked into Secondary Login? This was needed for a lot of people to even install the game, and you might have been able to slip by without it, but it may now be causing you issues. I would double check. Please post with any more details especially if the aforementioned works, as it would be great to have a known solution to this. God I feel like a Blizz employee..
same here nothing we can do?
theres no manual patch or anything

check your region settings, try setting them to europe and back
Ditto for me - "Game is up to date" then when I enter login details I get the message "Diablo 3 requires a patch. The game will now close and patch will be applied automatically" but it doesn't apply. I get a message saying "Diablo 3 is already running". I'm stuck in an infinity loop! Groundhog day - NOOOOO!
i have the same problem i have the patch of 28 mai so he asking a new patch and he don't have ...
Same OMG i hate this game lol
I'm listening to this in the background, I highly recommend it because it's helping me laugh at the situation rather than being angry about it.

same here, the endless patching roundabout...
If you are trying to connect to EU servers with an English (US) client or vice versa, you will get this bug.

Uninstall and install a client for the correct region. Worked for me.
...whats secondary login? iv never heard of this...
Me neither
Oh well, time to get ready for work - guess playing Diablo for 15 minutes before work is not gonna happen today. Should be resolved when I get home tonight.
Same issue, my options are set to American servers, so it's not an issue with the EU servers
it seems to be a problem, every time they apply a patch. Seems that with the money they brought in,before the game was even released that they could employ techs that could handle this problem. It should not be up to the consumer to try to figure out how to fix blizz"s mistakes
Update: I can log in if I switch servers to European, but when I try to log onto the Americas, I have this problem. Please tell me there's a better fix than reinstalling the entire game...

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