Lost NVx5 Because You Can't Lock the Hotbar..

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As the title states, I have now lost a 5 stack nephalem valor buff that took me the better part of an hour TWICE because I drug something off the hotbar.

Seriously, its bad enough that you took MF runs from taking 3-10 minutes into the 45-2hour range, but now if I misclick during frantic combat I lose hours of my life?
You can lock it by disabling elective mode after you've adjusted your skills. This is a viable workaround but hopefully they implement a proper actoin bar-locking mechanism in the future.
You can drag stuff off the bar? Do you use your mouse to click the skills and not hotkeys? That's just weird man...
Why were you clicking your skills to begin with?
Sympathy level: 0.
He was likely running away from something, and clicked too far to the bottom of his screen.

I did that once. Swore, called myself a moron, shrugged, and moved on with killing things.

I would not at all object to an option to lock the bar when the skill panel isn't open (and would happily use such an option), but if they don't add it I'll content myself with calling myself a moron on the rare occasion it happens.

Edit: Partly because I don't want to mess with setting elective mode constantly. I choose that, so I deal with the consequence if it happens. I choose the occasional more major hassle rather than the frequent minor hassle, particularly as I mess with my builds a fair bit when not outright farming.
this happens when you are running like mad on higher difficulty settings and need to run to bottom using isometric view. It happens allot and it gets you killed when it happens. Lost my blink on wd two times this way. I see where the OP is coming.
Why do people think others are clicking their skills? Common sense would say this guy was running south and in the frenzy hit his skill bar. I've done it before and it sucks. I only just learned about the workaround yesterday.

As a previous poster stated, set up your skills the way you desire, then turn off elective mode. It will lock your bar for you.
Thanks for letting me know about the elective mode thing, and yeah the first time it happened I was smoking and playing 1 handed like a jackass, but the second time, lets just say that molten fast firechains illusionist leaper pack can and WILL make you soil yourself.

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