My thoughts on melee vs. ranged:

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Ranged: It doesn't matter if the enemy runs. It doesn't matter if the enemy has knockback. It doesn't matter if the enemy shoots bursts of ten bugs at me. It doesn't matter if enemies can res each other. It doesn't matter if the mobs are vampiric. It doesn't matter if they're molten, desecrator or fire chains. Just about the only thing that matters is: "Does it have invulnerable minions, and/or is it fast?"

I'm speaking from experience with Inferno. My DH is on AIV Inferno (did it post-nerf).

Now, onto melee:

Melee: Oh, cool, 50% of the mobs in the game have a knockback. Oh, cool, the other 50% of the mobs run indefinitely until I pull more mobs. Oh, that's cool, they're vampiric/molten/fire chains/invulnerable minions. Oh, that's cool, they're ranged mobs hitting me from behind a WALL OF FIVE HUNDRED FALLEN THAT I CANT JUST SHOOT PAST.

I could keep going and going, but it's quite obvious they punish melee in this game. Such a large portion of mobs are COMPLETELY harmless to ranged characters. I'm sorry, but when your ranged mobs hit for 10k+ and hide behind battalions of melee mobs - it's honestly terrible unfair. Three are ways around it, yes, but let's be honest here - the ranged mobs actually do MORE damage than most melee mobs.
Not sure about Barbarian, but when tanking on my monk (yes I have Inferno experience before that card is played). I analyze pretty much each pull, it's not a long process, but I go straight for the ranged and the melees will come following. Keeping stuns and pulls rolling I can usually keep the majority of the mobs on or around me within hitting range and really don't have a problem with ranged mobs continually hitting me because they're the first to die.

Positioning is important, it's the staple of the melee class that can easily be recognizable when comparing bad melee to good melee.
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