Disconnected every 5-10 minutes since patch.

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Same here, since the last patch D3 just keep kicking me out every 10 min. It's pretty annoying


It's shutdown my network connection so I have to click reapair connection every &?%&* time.

I read some post and all (majority) have D-link router. Mine its up to date.

Pretty sure it's Blizzard server that have some compatibility issues. I never suffer from this before so its patch fault.

*sorry for english
@OpERROR37: Diablo III shouldn't be shutting down your internet connection. ._.
Check this out... cannot join games at all as of this afternoon, look at the (shaded) background image... what is this... PVP half baked?

06/04/2012 03:24 PMPosted by Airion
@OpERROR37: Diablo III shouldn't be shutting down your internet connection. ._.

I know but it's seem that D3 is forcing my router to change of gateway so by protection the router shutdown the connection
Has anyone found a fix yet? :/
I have been having the same problems. 100% sure it's something on Blizzard's side. My friends are having no issues whatsoever.
My wife and I can't play tonight. d/c every couple of minutes.
I'm getting the same problem since I patched it earlier tonight. Blizzard needs to hire some quality QA people, as this has obviously been updated untested.

Funny, i've been waiting ever since the 15th to buy Diablo III, finally buy it this morning, install it late in the afternoon, and I can't even play without disconnecting every 5-10 minutes. Unbelievable. The game is fun, but this is very disappointing.

EDIT: I have been able to play for an hour and a half without dcing, but dced a minute ago.
My game is no longer rubber-banding me and disconnecting me back to the resume quest screen as of this morning.

The solution was Blizzard fixing their problem, not us sending our beta test results. I say this because this game is still in beta as far as I'm concerned.
I'm getting alot of 3007s personally..
I have been able to play on it longer, but i'm still disconnecting...
I am having the same issue here, i get disconnected every 10 minutes or so, while in combat.
It's unbelievable, I am only in Act 2! I am disconnecting so much that I don't even want to play it until it has been confirmed to be fixed... I can't take it anymore -_-
Yep, disconnecting every 5 minutes here.

Error 3007. Can't do any runs and it's not worth playing. What's up? Only started happening today.
Yep, disconnecting every 5 minutes here.

Error 3007. Can't do any runs and it's not worth playing. What's up? Only started happening today.

It's been happening yesterday as well (then again, I purchased this game yesterday)... If this doesn't get fixed, huge waste of $67... I should have waited a few months. I knew it was a bad idea, but I HAD to get it yesterday... !@#$ Blizzard...
being playing D3 since it came out, this problam started 3 days ago. now dc every 5 to 10 minutes. The game is really fun when you can actually play it.
I haven't dced in two hours, but I quit because I wanted to take a break (irony). I don't know if either A) I used port forwarding on my router & added ports to firewall inbound & outbound. OR B) It's late at night and no one is on, which COULD mean that the !@#$ing Blizzard servers can't handle all the %^-*!@# traffic. I sure hope the patch tomorrow will fix this...
I have been having this problem since the patch as well. Before the patch as long as the server was up i was able to play no problems, and now i am unable to play more than 5 mins before i am disconnected. It is causing my router to disconnect as i also lose my vent connection at the same time. The only thing that has changed on my end from when i had no problems to now is the patch.
Been playing for a while and when i was on vacation the patch came out and the only thing i wanted to play was not diminished to a 5 min run of act 3 where i will always dc half way through. This ruined my game play so much, i just want to play. Blizzard why do you not respond to our pleas. we paid for the game and we expected more from you.

Another note, I know that it is the patch, because the only change in my environment was the patch since it is an isolated system because I run wine [Gentoo Linux ;D].
P.S Blizzard wished you put in OpenGL for the windows client

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