How do I increase my dps more? 59k unbuffed

Suggestions please
It's hard to say without seeing the stats on your gear. The only thing I can see, is the gems in your chest armor could be better.
What are the stats on your weapons?
my weapon is just 995 + ias
Probably the easiest way is to get a weapon with more DPS.
First try to get your critical damage to 200%+

06/04/2012 08:59 AMPosted by Tauliss
my weapon is just 995 + ias

Get a real weapon, any 650-750 with good stats and a socket is way better than a 900ish plain blue (even with IAS, or socket or whatever).

Good stats:
250+ int
Socket (<- star emerald here)
Arcane on crit
70%+ Damage on crit (natural, no socket)

Same as the 1h, goes for the off-hand:
Get a good stats 100-250 dmg, its VERY IMPORTANT the high min damage, or you will end getting a lot of variation in the spell dmg (a varation of 50% or more).

Good stats:
8%+ crit
100+ Int
Socket (<- star topaz here)
Arcane on crit
Get a weapon with Crit Damage and Socket it with more Crit Damage, definitely the cheapest/best way to increase your DPS.

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