Botters ruining the economy already.

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When is Blizzard going to take action against the bots who are already ruining the economy? See the royal crypts farming bot that is netting some people 700k gold per hour, per character. Some people are using several accounts and earning close to a hundred million gold from 24 hours of botting.

I'm not naming the bot because i don't want to advertise it, but a good start but would be the severe nerfing of royal crypts so you can't farm 700k gold an hour there.

Oh, and banning accounts and removal of the botted gold. One can only dream though.

Im against botting just as much as you are. But, what about those like myself who run Royal Crypts within my farming route? I mean, I log in and do a couple dungeon, Royal crypts, a few bosses, Warden, and then Butcher. I can do all this in just under 40mins and I make out with about 100-120K ea run. I do this 4-5 times a day and I am good to go.

I think there needs to be a better method than just nerfing sometimes. I dont bot, but I do rely on certain areas to boost my income.

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