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After todays patch, im getting "CHANGE IN ACCESS PATTERN" ERROR 42003 during EACH login. It asks me to answer the secret question or reset pass. Im answering the question and can play without problem, but still getting this error during each login.
please fix it/update or explain me what the heck is wrong.
Im using Mobile Authenticator.
Anyone else having this problem too?
bump? anyone? maybe blue?
bumpity bump - I also have this issue however, no authenticator...
This system is put in place to protect you from people trying to log in from other locations. It detects a change in your access pattern (there are several factors including IP) and will lock the account. To get back in you need to enter your secret question. This is working as intended. The system SHOULD learn your usual login patterns and accommodate them. For example I can log in from home and work and have no issues once it learned my patterns.

Why would it happen to you?

1. You logged in from a new location (the obvious answer)
2. You are using a software that changes your IP. People do this to lower thier ping and latency but it can trigger the lockout system.
3. You are playing somewhere with a very dynamic IP
4. A hacker is trying to get into your account but does not have access to your email/secret question so can't get in.

If you are going to be playing from different locations or using software that changes your IP then you may want to look into SMS Protect. This is as free messaging service (text rates apply) and NOT an authenticator but it can make unlocking easier.


What can I do with Battle.net SMS Protect?
Battle.net SMS Protect will allow you to:

Unlock your Battle.net account using your mobile phone.
Remove an unwanted authenticator from your account.
Recover your account name.
Reset your password.

When will I receive texts from Battle.net SMS Protect?
You can disable certain SMS Protect texts without removing the service entirely. You'll always receive texts for the following:

Your account is flagged for suspicious login activity.
Your password is changed.
Security features are added to your account.
Security features are removed from your account.
Ok, thanks, now i understand a little bit.

but diablo keep asking me for this secret question all day long, during each login from the same IP etc. Just riddiculous
hi i have same problem since yesterday ! i changed my internet access for a new company (for optical connexion) and since i changed the game keep asking me secret question to log on...i tried reset password but comon wtf
Im having the same problem, and above said advice doesnt apply to me.

I havent changed anything on my account. I have not used a different computer. I have never had this problem until suddenly.

I decided to play diablo one day, tried to log in, and got the message about change of pattern etc. . I then thought "i hope my account wasnt hacked". WoW, being the more important game to me, i tried logging in there. I got the same message. I then changed my password like prompted to, and got an authenticator. I then tried logging into wow, and was fine. My account wasnt touched. So, I went back to diablo. Same error again. So I change my password again, and tried going back on, same error. So then I changed my password, and basically said "screw diablo". Im not changing my password every time I try to log into that game. So now Im limited to just playing wow, because I dont want to mess up my account by making a rdiculously large amount of password changes and flagging my account.

I made a thread about this also, and found no blue post advice.
guys can i ask ?

i got lock account after game patch...


then when i log it say unlock thru battlenet or secret pass..

then i choose secret pass it says wrong... 3 time i type my own secet pass then error...

then i try to sort it out on battle net then it says email / name doest exist...

just bought the game ...
i have a similiar issue. i logged in from my parent's place and then suddenly i got locked out. i tried my security answer, but it was wrong and i keep getting locked out. I try to call customer service and the queue is always full. I can't get help at all.

if they're going to lock me out, give me a bloody way to unlock it, else give me the ability to opt out of this "helpful" feature. A password reset isn't hard - have a different queue for simple issues like this.

its frustrating when i'm wasting my weekend unable to play, unable to get the account unlocked.
awhile back i was in the philippines when I activated my cd key but now .. i cant play diablo 3 becoz of this error 42003. my ip is changed of course! i knew that but this aint happening on other games. just this f`n game!!!!! please resolve thanks!!!
There is nothing to resolve. This is an intended feature of the game for security reasons. It has been used in WoW for years and has stopped untold numbers of compromises. You will just have to keep logging on from your new location until it learns your new pattern.
Blizzard please unlock my account, I bought new notebook and can't play the game on it!!!!! Please fix this or back my 60$.
I have exact same problem.
Same problem here... Already changed my password 3 or 4 times.
This is a known issue. Unfortunately, it can't be resolved on the Tech Support Forum. You will want to contact the Accounts department to get this resolved.

You can contact them by opening a My Support Ticket. To do so just follow this link: https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit

Account representatives are also on hand to take your call 7 days a week between 7am to 8pm PST, at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (800-592-5499). Customers in Australia should call 1-800-041-378. Our Billing team will be happy to assist you with any billing related questions.
Support Information Administrator
If you can't find a solution to your issue, feel free to contact a Support Representative directly for further assistance. Their contact information can be found at the following link: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html

I'm available on the forums Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
I get locked out on my desktop gaming rig but I can play just fine on my laptop.

I'd rather play on my desktop..I've reset my password at least 10 times but to no avail.. account gets locked every time I login on the desktop..
Please help I have a new pc and I can not login to Diablo 3 for about 3 times I changed the password but will not release me for advice please get an error message Error 42003
Same stuff happens to me ...opened a ticket 15 hours ago ..c'mon Blizzard ....for all the money you are getting from us this stuff shouldn't happen so often period .
i opened a ticket, told them that i already made the password reset several times.. and guess what they will instruct you to do,, they will send you the same link that you have been using for the password rest.. c'mon Blizzard do you guys even read the customer comments on tickets created????
Im not sure if it will work for you too guys but i solved the problem.
I forgot my secret pass and the reset not work,i search on internet with no results and so i download the blizzard authenticator application for my cellphone,now if you connect your battlenet account with the authenticator when you login with your username and pass instead of the error message you should get a new icon where you must write one of the random codes of the authenticator.
Now you should be able to play without problems.
N.B.FOR ME and my account works,i really don't know for you guys.

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