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Game designers Jay Wilson, Wyatt Cheng, and Andrew Chambers recently stopped by /r/Diablo to take questions live from the community in what's known as an "Ask Me (Almost) Anything" (or AMAA).

While the chat with the developers has concluded, you can view their answers and take part in the ongoing discussion here.

Feel free to use this thread to continue any relevant discussions pertaining to the AMAA as well. Questions or comments not relating to the AMAA (or topics discussed therein) will be removed from this thread.

To view the posts of the AMAA participants, you can check their individual post histories:


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Is there any topic they will be specifically discussing or is it just a FFA of Diablo 3 related questions.
I really hope CERTAIN questions get asked...
Any word on the RMAH or Commodities AH?
I got my question in already, but just in case it isn't answered, or if anyone else wants to echo the same sentiment, it's an issue that I (and many others I've spoken to) are currently struggling with on a daily basis.

Basically, I've been playing Blizzard games for over 15 years and have made many great friends. The shared BattleTag/RealID friends list cap of 100 people has become a serious issue for many of us, however, and I am no longer able to develop new friendships in Diablo 3 unless I remove someone that I've known for years. So I'm just wondering if there are there any plans to address this, as I'd love to know how to prepare moving forward.

Thanks for the post Zarhym, and thanks to the devs for taking the time to answer our questions. Much appreciated.
06/06/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Nikolos
Any word on the RMAH or Commodities AH?

Commodities have been working for awhile!
06/06/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Nikolos
Any word on the RMAH or Commodities AH?

Jay spoke a bit about commodities here, and the answer relates well to the reasons for the delay in the release of the RMAH: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/uoooj/i_am_we_are_wyatt_cheng_andrew_chambers_and_jay/c4x6th5
Some questions I'd like to be answered (Hopefully these will be asked)

- When will commodity items be ready on the AH?
- Will the difficulty of Inferno be altered at any point in the future?
- If disconnected, will it ever be possible to carry on your nephalem valor buff?
- Will it be possible in the future to have more than just 4 slots for a game, as there are 5 classes...
- Will it be possible to sell/repair/or atleast view stats of items that are damaged in the AH
- When will a fix on increased attack speed be fixed?
- Is it possible to lessen the complication of pretty much... all of the stats, I find that trying to get the right gear/skills together rather complicated, as well as many others.
- Will loot be altered in any way in the future? A lot of people don't seem to be happy with the current loot system, I don't personally like the amount of un-useable items I find in inferno difficulty for my level, they're basically not usable. In addition to this, when will legendary item stats be buffed? And will this include set items?

I have more but I'll leave it there for now!
06/06/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Nikolos
Any word on the RMAH or Commodities AH?

There was a note about commodity auctions on the EU forums:

We wanted to give you guys an update on commodity sales at the Auction House. We ran tests recently in order to try some optimizations we’ve been working on. Overall the response was positive, and it helped us find a few more tweaks we’d like to make before we re-enable the system, so we’re continuing to work hard on it. We’ll update you again as soon as we have any additional news.

Summary: "not yet, but we're making progress."
I saw the commodity auctions up today... was that a bug? I was able to see prices on gems and crafting mats and crap.
no1 why is the Asian sever down so much
no2 why is there no warning before a server goes down
no3 do you not want ppl to know how bad you stuffed up
no4 what is the point of having other server's if they are down so much
no5 what is the point of the forums if there is never any real reply to the real question's
I saw u guys are going to increase repair costs.

it's ok and fine.

But, what about playing vs Boss?

I used to conquer boss after dying about 100~200 times, spending couple of days,

getting known the boss's patterns and mastering the control by myself.

If you guys just increase the repair costs for Any death,

it's going to be very hard to challenge boss.
JayPWilson 67 points 10 minutes ago
No plans for this currently. We wanted the game to have a greater focus on story, and so decided to have a linear quest flow so we could advance plot and world changes. Creating a free play mode would be a major reworking of all our content.
I'm not opposed to us adding a 'auto-skip' cut scenes option at some point.
[–]JayPWilson 46 points 9 minutes ago
And this really is Jay Wilson, even though they haven't turned my name blue (yet). :)

1 FAIL so far!

He followed up on this a bit more: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/uoooj/i_am_we_are_wyatt_cheng_andrew_chambers_and_jay/c4x77w6

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