Error 3003 on asia server

Technical Support
is everyone having same problem.? why this thing happen on weekend when i have free time to play.

At the server status show the server is up.
i am having the same problem too.
Me too.

If you read here, it says its resolved.
same here logged me out of my game this sad for a a multi billion dollar company to take money its reputation is now starting to be less reliable.
i have been a gamer way back since the early nineties when they released the very first one and played modem to modem and never had this much trouble
this lacks foresight...............
lol unresolved ?
me too same problem how to fix it
dammit! too many errors -_-
I've been hearing in other threads that people from korea can play while people on other countries can't

I'm from Russia and my first hero was created on ASIA server, and now i can't get access to hero on this server.

And what I have to do?

....funny, funny, funny...
having same issue, still cannot connect, any word from Blizzard? oh, none, as always.
same thing here, error 3003. cant login for an hour now
at least i am not the one who's facing this alone :)

even free to play mmorpg is good than this ....
Guys, I suppose that it has been started because of holidays and ends only in Monday. =)

So, enjoy!
Asia server is down nearly everyday! It's no news and Blizzard has said nothing about it!! Shame on them!
Did they resolved 3003 or just changed the error code to 37 to fool people making them think that server is bust at full load, how catchy.
Same for me also
why in asia server so many error, i have play for 2 weeks and there are always error in this server.....
Sigh ... there goes the weekend. Now we wait another 3 days for them to fix this, followed by more downtime
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Sunday, June 10 16:00 about 2 hours 30 minutes emergency inspection work is in progress.

● Check the Time: Sunday, June 10, 16:30
● Check the target: Asia server
● Check the impact: Not available games in the inspection time
● server normalization Estimated Time: Sunday, June 10, 18:30 (expected)

In the game for I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Inspection can be completed quickly so that I will do my best.
atleast some ingame message should be displayed so the players can know any inspection or any going ...

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