Best ("easiest"?) HC class?

I've got my SC DH to Inferno finally, so I thought I'd look into an HC character as a way of taking a break from the Inferno rage. I know HC brings its own stress, but I'm not looking to take an HC character all the way to Inferno, just through maybe NM, perhaps a bit of Hell. I've enjoyed the DH, but I'd like to try something different for HC. I don't want to pick a class that's behind the survivability curve (e.g. Monk, which I continually feel is more vulnerable in the early levels than I'd like). Seems to me ranged is one of the safer ways to go, so I'm thinking either Wizard or WD, though I'm willing to be convinced re: Warrior. (I think monk is just out for me. I've just never been able to get much enjoyment from it)
DH or Wiz imo. The wizard skills are made for HC all the way (i.e Diamond Skin is tremendously good, as well as mirror image and Wave of Force. Altogether those 3 would protect you 99% of the time) and the class doesnt require any godly gear until late Hell.

As for DH, i have yet to try it. Only been on my Wizard so far but i reckon theres a lot of DH out there so i suppose its good lol. It will be my next char for sure :)
Contrary to SC beliefs, Monks and Barbs are in a good position in HC. There was statistics posted and those two are the top ATM.

I highly recommend either as they are easier to gear to take a hit (from numerous abilities) and both have plenty of healing potential adding much survivability.
The 'brick wall' that melee hit is in Inferno, prior to that they usually come out on top due to alot of damage reduction/healing abilities.

But in all honesty pick what you want to play. They all have advantages and all capable of doing it.
OK, thanks for the feedback. :)
I'd pick monk or barb as well. Monks get transcendence which heals them for every point of spirit spent. This allows them to faceroll through normal, most of nightmare, and much of hell if not too undergeared. Haven't played a barbarian to cap yet but runed revenge likewise does absurd spammable healing when being attacked by enough enemies.
barb > monk > wiz > wd > dh
I've tried them all and would have to say I'm doing my personal best with the DH. I've taken it nice and slow with her and have enjoyed it more than the others. At times I feel like the skill choices are very limited as you only have three different types of weapons to use. It is Bow & Quiver, X-Bow & Quiver, Hand X-Bow & Quiver, 2 Hand X-Bows, or Hand X-Bow and Shield. The simple fact is there is not much variety and the 2 handed weapons are the best overall for there damage.

Over all DH class is pretty easy to survive with if you use vault and smoke screen, which are kind of hard to replace as they are the most versatile. Still there is room to play around with your build and find a niche you like.

Then again you probably knowall this and are all hunted out from SC.
06/11/2012 08:20 AMPosted by Kennung
barb > monk > wiz > wd > dh

I would honestly put WD above WIZ, but rest looks okay.
OK, thanks again. I'd not ever looked close at the barb skills (though I definitely enjoyed playing one in beta). Looking again, I see the heals you all are talking about. Since barb was the class I was planning to try next in SC, I just might give it a "whirl" (pun intended) in HC instead.
I lost my LvL 57 DH =(((((( I am going Barb for survivability.
Then again you probably knowall this and are all hunted out from SC.

Hunted out? No, still love my DH. That said, I don't love it enough to start over from scratch. ;) Anyway, I gotta keep my inferno skills up, so I don't want to get used to a DH with x set of skills because she's a lowbie and then die when I switch to y set of skills on my 60 :(
tank + kite wiz is by far the most fun and predictable in surviving class ive played in hc. i have a 60 wiz and 60 barb, and barb definitely kills better and takes champs on better with zerker rage, but there are still instances i have to play differently whereas with the wiz it is just hydra/bliz kite everything forever
Barb is def to easiest to play and in my opinion most survivable. Most high level streamers play barbs in Inferno. They do fairly sick damage, they have the most mobility, and they can take a pounding with Revenge. The only problem is that you are almost always in the middle of the mob, and if you lag out, you die. That is why i play solo for now

from what i heard, demon hunter is the most dangerous HC class to play. I admire people that take them to 60 but they die
Monks, 2 self heals 2 immunity abilities, and aura of conviction makes your damage fairly absurd to boot. Teleport punching and knockbacks as a bonus.
Thanks for the follow-up comments. :)
In my experience, my Monk has done the best. I've rolled a Monk and two Barbs...

The Monk was my first HC character and got to 50 without me ever getting scared about anything... it was because of this I randomly died and didn't even get the bonus of an adrenaline boost, just was like "Oh, weird."

Playing a Monk, I almost never got below 90% HP without ever using a potion all through normal and nightmare.

My first Barb died by jumping into a mob spawn and not having Revenge trigger. Basically, as Barb you take a lot more damage (don't dodge as much) so your health is much more volatile. I'm still new to Barb in D3, though... so I'm sure some of the vets will post some tips. I lost my first one at 31 in nightmare, but currently have another one that is 48... but have had a few close calls with him, haha
why are some of you saying barb over monk? doesn't monk have better survivability?
Having taken Wiz and Barb to NM in HC, and DH most of the way there in SC, I'd say take Barb. If you do any amount of gearing, you can hulksmash your way through almost everything till Hell. It's fun and visceral playstyle that contrasts nicely with your past ranged experience.

Frankly if you don't care about Inferno, you also don't need to care about class v. class advantages/disadvantages, you can just focus on choosing based upon the playstyle you would prefer to try. The legitimate disagreements over optimization in Inferno are corner cases that don't matter till then. All classes can (essentially) survive and thrive equally well up until that point.
I am having troubles with my wiz right now because rares absolutely refuse to drop. I think i am going to roll a monk tonight and stack vitality and hopefully some better gear will drop later for my wiz so she can progress a little better.

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