Error 3005 Can not log in.

Technical Support
Do not delete my ticket. Do not set it to resolved. Do not send me to the forms and support links for info that is not there for 3005 fix. Give me my money back. I have been trying to contact you with error 3005 that will never let me log in. I'm on a school network and i know that has to be why but this is not my problem. I can ping your server but i get nothing more out of it. Other games work just fine. Yours is messed up and your support is not helping with this game i just bought. They can not even be straight with me and say they are working on it. It has been a few weeks now that the game has been out and these should be fixed by now. All other major online games have fixed their servers in this time. They are not fixed so to me that means you do not know what your talking about and you have proved it on every ticket about 3005 i have sent to you and seen on the forums. Once again do not tell me how you understand how I feel and this will quickly be resolved by going to your support link.(see below) All i see there is everyone having the same problem and that too many people are logging is which i can not control. It is a network not a singlework. I not going to go around on campus and tell everyone to log out so I can share my time with the game. This is crazy and you should all know this by now about error 3005. Stop passing the puck with a quick copy, paste and resolved to the end user. That is not how you handle technical ticket problems. You have to fix your game and we can't fix it for you. Give me my money. End of story.

"Whimso Customer Service Representative

Greetings!Thank-you for taking the time to petition Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.We understand how valuable your time is and how important your concern is however we feel your question can be quickly addressed if you view our knowledge base which has your specific issues listed in detail or the forums which is also loaded with valuable information which can be located at:


Have a good day and happy gaming!

Blizzard Entertainment Support"

OK then

"No results found for “error 3005“ under Gameplay Support. Search for: error 3005."

I have found many things about 3005 i just wanted to show you how their technical support handles this. also:

18 56 ms 65 ms 50 ms []

19 * * * Request timed out.

20 * * * Request timed out.

21 * * * Request timed out.

22 * * * Request timed out.

23 * * * Request timed out.

24 * reports: Destination net unreachable.

Trace complete.

I removed the first part because I do not what anyone knowing where I live and that is pinging their server. Did you notice today how they moved the forum techsupport to the bottom of the forums now? I wonder why.
EVERYONE HAVING THIS PROBLEM POST HERE. I dont care what it is. Just post something to get it to the popular list so people will read and resolve our problem!
im getting 3006 please fix?
Me too. I just want to play the game!! I can only buy one game every couple of months because of financial reasons (I'm poor), and I'm so annoyed that I wasted the money on DIII. From what I've played of the game it seems great, but I can never log on when I really want to play! This is genuinely unacceptable, I paid good money to play this game when I could have spent it on another. Granted, not one that I've been looking forward to for years like DIII, but at least one I could actually play!
I would love to play too... same error over and over
Not sure if this will help find a fix but hey ho might as well share?

I got this after i did /who then my game crashed and couldn't log in for a few mins. Guess it still counted me as logged in; maybe it's something to do with the system registering you as logged in before you actually are? Idk... maybe this will help maybe not.
i to get 3005 and i am so angry
Same but unfortunately the !@#$s at Blizzard don't give a flying %^-* abou this.
I don't currently play D3 but I have a friend whose fiance does. He got the same 3005 error on his school network. The way they got around it was by setting up a vpn to an off campus network and logged in through that. Just out of curiosity though I'd like to ask just how many people are getting the 3005 error, what exactly it says, and where you're trying to log in from (school, home, public hotspot) cause I'm wondering if it's restricted to a certain network type and whether the ports on that network are blocked. Like I said, I don't play so I have no clue what the error actually is.
i have been trying to log on for the past 7 days, got on one 4 days ago and that is it. tryed phoning support staff but was on hold for 1 hour so i hung up. i can log into my account threw other computers on the say connection so i dont get what the problem is and i have submitted tickets as well still no luck.
Same problem when i try to log on from my work connection. Game works great at home but whenever i am here i have never been able to log.
I have never had this issue before but have been running into it all morning. I am on the same computer I normally play on and have not changed ISP or router configs, not sure why this is a problem.

On another note it seems like Blizzard is totally ignoring this problem. Once they have your 60 bucks don't bet on them doing anything for you.
trying to log in at school for the first time, error 3005 THANKS
same issue trying to log in from Afghanistan on a civilian satellite connection. i got on last night for about 15 minutes before getting booted, only to end up with the 3005 errors over and over again.
same thing on my mac from my apartment complex connection
I have the same problem, with repeated Error 3005 messages. This is outrageous.
I have purchased a product and am not able to use it. Disgraceful.
Error 3005. same computer, was able to login last night. submitted a ticket. will see. I am really upset about this game. keep getting all kinds of issues, crashes, bugs.
Same problem 3005
Same problem from a university campus network. I've been able to get online twice since installing yesterday evening. Once logged in the game works fine, no DCs or anything, which almost makes it worse cause now I've had a taste but am now cruelly denied :(

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