Wizard are SO weak

How did you even find a post from, like, 8 months ago?

Regardless, yes, wizards are rather weak at higher MP's. You can play archon or a kiting build on lower MP's...where you kill the enemies before the hit you.

Or you can play a freezing CM type wiz...stack armor to 5000 and all res to 8000 and give MP8+ a try.

Its not easy. Nobody said it should be, though.
If you look at my hardcore wizard, you will see I have just over 30k dps and have geared for high mitigation/ehp. I have cleared through act 3 (inferno) except for belial. I can clearly survive...or the character would be dead.

All I have in terms of gear is what I have gotten from drops, and the modest amount of gear I have been able to sell on the AH and exchange for other modest gear. I've also crafted 1 or 2 items with the new crafting system.

The real question is: do you understand how to play a wizard. Are you using skills that have synergy? Is your mitigation sufficient?

Every class is about being able to do simple math.
Awesome thread bump.

Is there some external source which is giving marching orders to these people who bxtch about FN spam? Congratulations on not invoking the word "statues", but everything else matches the status quo.
Awesome thread bump.

Wow. I feel like such an !@# now. I didn't notice this post was 8 month old.


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